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Strategic Partnership With Global Travel Leader: Transforming the Machine Learning Review Process

In April 2024, RedCloud Consulting strategically positioned a trio of experienced privacy consultants within the operations of their esteemed partner, a global travel corporation. This partner's platform serves as a nexus for travelers and hosts, offering an array of over a million unique lodgings and experiences across more than 220 countries and territories. At the heart of this partner's product innovation lies machine learning, which powers features such as tailored recommendations, dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and natural language processing. To uphold the pinnacle of quality, security, privacy, and ethical standards, the partner employs a stringent machine learning review process that engages a diverse array of stakeholders from various disciplines.


The customer’s machine learning review process was complex and time-consuming, involving multiple different reviews from product legal, licensing legal, information security, privacy, engineering, anti-discrimination and exclusion, and product data science teams. During an initial analysis of this process, our RedCloud team observed that some of these reviews were being conducted over email and telephone, which sometimes resulted in inconsistent documentation and communication. Moreover, reviews often began late in the development cycle, leading to delays and rework. At the onset, the average time to complete a machine learning review was several months and, in some cases, more than a year.

I have been working with RedCloud for only six weeks so far, and they have been a lifesaver!
- Senior Manager

RedCloud is absolutely phenomenal! I am very happy with them and excited to keep working with the RedCloud team.
-Senior Manager


In partnering with RedCloud, our team of experienced privacy managers was able to streamline the machine learning review process and improve the collaboration and efficiency of the review teams. RedCloud helped with the implementation of the following solutions:

  • Consolidated multiple disparate reviews into one holistic system in Jira, a project management tool that allows for easy tracking, reporting, and collaboration.

  • Standardized the review criteria, templates, and workflows for each discipline, ensuring consistency and clarity across the review teams.

  • Integrated the review system with the customer’s machine learning platform, enabling automated triggers and notifications for review requests and status updates.

  • Engaged with the machine learning teams early in the project lifecycle, facilitating good privacy by design and addressing potential issues before they become costly or risky.


The synergistic partnership between RedCloud and their esteemed client yielded substantial enhancements in both the quality and efficiency of the machine learning review process:

  • Reduced the time to complete a machine learning review from several months to approximately two weeks, accelerating the delivery and launch of machine learning features.

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication among the review teams, fostering a culture of trust and transparency.

  • Improved the documentation and traceability of the review process, enabling better auditability and accountability.

  • Increased the satisfaction and engagement of the machine learning teams, who received timely and constructive feedback and guidance from the review teams.

This case study exemplifies how RedCloud's collaborative approach, underpinned by data and analytics, adeptly addresses complex privacy challenges and solutions.

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