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Founded by visionary entrepreneurs, RedCloud aims to redefine the consulting experience for both consultants and clients, fostering mutual success. Continuously expanding our diverse team of subject matter experts, we are dedicated to cultivating a community of true professionals, committed to sourcing, nurturing, and retaining top talent in the region. Our belief in offering distinctive professional and philanthropic opportunities distinguishes RedCloud as a pioneering force in the consulting landscape.


Interview Tips
Interview Tips
Interview Tips

How to Apply

  • Select the role you’d like to apply to from the list above and click on “Apply Now” at the bottom of the screen

  • Carefully enter your name and contact information on the pop-up window

  • When uploading your resume please do the following to ensure it can be accepted:

    • Must be 10MB or smaller

    • File type is: .html, text, txt, PDF, .doc, docx, rtf or odt. *Microsoft Word is the preferred format. 

    • Please remove any photos and graphics as they can cause upload errors.

  • ​After you click “Apply” a "Thank you" banner appears very briefly at the top of the window and the “Apply” button will now read “Already Applied” confirming your successful submission

What Happens Next

At RedCloud, we are sincerely appreciative of the immense interest in joining our team! However, the high volume of resumes we receive necessitates a streamlined process, and regrettably, we may not be able to respond to every applicant individually.

Rest assured, each resume is carefully reviewed, and we will reach out to candidates whose qualifications align with current opportunities. We encourage you to stay updated on new openings by regularly checking our Careers page. We welcome you to apply to any positions that match your expertise and interests.

Should you encounter any technical difficulties or receive error messages during the application process, it may be due to one of the factors mentioned in "How to Apply."

Our Perks

RedCloud has been built with an unwavering focus on Integrity and Transparency, meaning we believe our team succeeds when they see the whole picture, and are provided with honest feedback and ongoing support.  

The company provides highly competitive compensation and benefits, along with a heavy focus on peer support and community outreach. Our employees enjoy the following benefits: access to high quality medical, vision and dental insurance, 401k retirement plan including employer matching, and Paid Time Off. 

Additionally, our consulting Associates are eligible for unlimited bonuses are available for referring candidates and project opportunities. Certain corporate employees are eligible for role-specific incentives. More specific benefit and bonus details available for any given position are provided during the interview process.

Open Positions

Latest Employee News

At RedCloud, we prioritize creating a positive and supportive work environment where every team member's voice is valued. 

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