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Developing Privacy Case Management Tool

Updated: Feb 23

RedCloud proposed and delivered an automated solution to streamline the manual ticketing process for the privacy cases submitted to the privacy manager. This solution helped the privacy practice within the multinational technology company to increase efficiency and scalability, while ensuring that privacy cases are reviewed in a timely and accurate manner. With this automated solution, the team was able to handle more privacy cases and provide better customer service to their stakeholders.


The company needed a ticketing system that met company wide privacy standards, auditable, allowed for tracking of privacy cases, retention of email communications, reassignment of cases, historical referencing, and tracking of resolutions.​

"We would not be where we are today with the Privacy tool and Power BI reporting, if not for your commitment to our team, your methodical approach to solving complex issues, and your meticulous planning as well as communication.
​​From requirements gathering and planning, solutions engineering, data migration, to the smooth launch of this new case management tool, your leadership as a “general contractor” throughout the entire process is what made this important project a big success."
-- Client Representative


Working with privacy practice, RedCloud defined requirements, user stories, and additional needs specific to the practice.

We designed a user-friendly tool with 8 privacy managers and vendor supporting staff to manage the life cycle of a case. This tool was designed to provide stakeholders with impactful information at the creation of a case with a focus on global marketing business as a stakeholder. This tool could track 2000 cases annually, while allowing users to search and relate past case work. 

Not only considering the requirements at the moment, but also allowing for flexibility to make changes as future business impacting privacy requirements arise. Ultimate goal being planning for future automation to improve privacy practice, collecting data to enhance user experience, and reducing review time for privacy managers and stakeholders.


  • Defined privacy requirements

  • Researched user stories

  • Devised an automation plan

  • Set up a ticketing system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 

  • Collaborated on creation, migration, and testing of a new privacy tool

  • Integrated existing internal tools

  • Migrated two years of previous case data


After assessing many tools, we implemented Dynamics 365 as the ticketing system to reduce costs and to create a collaborative environment within the business. This tool is also integrated with other internal tools and is used by a similar organization within the company.

We collaborated with the Dynamics 365 team to provide the requirements and helped develop and test this new tool, transferring two years of case data into it. This also enabled enhanced data collection using D365 which enabled us to build PowerBI reporting, allowing leadership to assess the health of their privacy program and plan for future program improvements.

We developed a privacy-compliant program and are now looking into automated processes such as AI stakeholder assistance, bot capabilities, and automated case approval. This format has been adopted by two other teams within the company, demonstrating the value of our effort in requirements building and tool functionality. 

"I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU for your significant contribution in launching the new Privacy Concierge solution! With this now live and in place as the foundation, our team is in a great position to continue advancing privacy support capabilities to further optimize our processes and stakeholder experiences.
Ultimately this enables the organization to develop trusted relationships with customers and realizing our company’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more."
-- Client Representative


  • Decreased privacy program costs

  • Ensured compliance with privacy requirements 

  • Automated tedious, manual processes

  • Increased collaboration

  • Enhanced data collection

  • ​Improved reporting​

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