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Adapting to the Dynamic ​Privacy Environment​​

Updated: Feb 23

RedCloud created a Document Management Resource Center for the Privacy team within a major division of a multinational corporation. This solution provided them with the necessary tools to effectively manage compliance guidance moving forward, as function was hindered by a lack of organization and inaccurate program documentation. The team had increased efficiencies due to their enhanced ability to respond to rapidly changing needs in the privacy space.


The privacy space is constantly undergoing compliance changes worldwide. Maintaining updated and accurate documentation to provide guidance to teams can be challenging, prompting our client to request assistance from RedCloud. 

The client had difficulty with document duplication, outdated guidance, and numerous SharePoint sites for privacy compliance which created inconsistencies and inefficiencies amongst the organization. The team had been looking for a long-term solution after numerous attempts that proved unsuccessful.

"RedCloud consultants evaluated our Privacy document environment, then developed a new process and structure to manage documents with greater confidence throughout the document lifecycle and ensure the corporate document retention schedule is rigorously followed."
- Client Representative


RedCloud consultants surveyed all privacy documents across the client’s internal sites to create an organized system that was categorically aligned with how the team functioned. A SharePoint library was implemented that mirrored the new documentation structure and highlighted the company’s retention schedule.

The RedCloud team identified a significant amount of content that could be deprecated or archived, ensuring that the active privacy team library included only those documents that were useful to the program’s ROB. An archive library was created to ensure proper retention, while protecting the active library from containing outdated guidance.

​Our team created a documentation resource center following an analysis of how the client team functioned. This resource center became a comprehensive collection for compliance standards, documentation structure, and regulation support. Templates were created, processes were identified, and standards were established to ensure that the privacy team was well equipped to avoid previous documentation problems.

​RedCloud trained the client team to use the document resource center and established a cadence for ongoing maintenance. Maintenance included annual document review management, a review schedule for archiving or deleting outdated documents, and the transfer of documents from personal spaces to program spaces.

The RedCloud team developed a document management process that saw it cull nearly 2,500 documents from its repositories and developed a resource center for the team to use to manage documentation moving forward.
By establishing a Document Management Resource Center, our Privacy team was provided with the necessary tools to proactively manage documents consistently and efficiently moving forward. Well done!"
- Client Representative


The team responded well to the consistency and awareness RedCloud created for a solid foundation aimed to improve efficiency and confidence in their supporting documentation. Our approach to the client’s needs has enhanced their ability to respond to rapidly changing needs in the privacy space.

RedCloud had a strategic approach that managed team-produced content to ensure accuracy, consistency, oversight, and proper retention. Their leadership team proposed that our client nominates the Document Resource Center for a division award, as they were very proud of the solution implemented.

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