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Creating a “Best Place to Work” in a New Remote Reality

We are honored to have been named (again) by Seattle Business Magazine as the best company to work for in Washington State in 2022. This is a testament to the amazing team of professionals we have built over the years, our people-first approach to the consulting industry, and our ongoing dedication to providing resources and support for our consultants.

But when we take a look around our industry and those of our clients, the reality of what makes a great workplace has dramatically changed in the last three years. Spurred by the pandemic, many more employees are working from home some or all days of the week - so the definition of a “best workplace” is changing too.

With this transition to remote or hybrid style work, we believe it is important to examine and evolve what we as a firm can and should do to remain a preferred place to work in our industry. Below are some practices and tactics we have deployed to ensure we remain a high-quality employer, supporting our employees and further creating a community, no matter where we may do our jobs.

Benefits and Support From Home to Office

At RedCloud, nearly 50% of our employees now work outside of our home office region in Bellevue, Washington. These remote employees are thriving, delivering top-notch results to clients while enjoying the flexibility to live where they want. We believe that providing a personal touch - even though it may be from afar - can go a long way to keeping a team engaged and feeling that sense of belonging we all strive for.

Here’s a quick list of our home-to-office benefits:

  • Personal touch - small gifts, personal notes, and/or coffee gift cards to our remote teams from account managers and company leadership.

  • Top-notch technology—We invest in the best technology (laptops, headphones, mics, etc.) to ensure a seamless work experience.

  • Regular communications with our HQ team - ongoing virtual meetings with account managers and that “open door” policy (even if there is no door!)

  • Unlimited referral bonuses are available for referring candidates and project opportunities. We recognize the value in great people bringing in great people, no matter where in the country they live!

How do we stay “great” in today’s remote reality?

We believe a people-first mentality is key to ensuring employee confidence, trust, and satisfaction at every engagement. Part of that is providing onboarding and "Triple Touch" ongoing project support. Our account managers are active communicators, ready to support our team from afar or across town.

We also strive to offer exceptional experiences for our exceptional employees, including a wealth of professional development opportunities to benefit each person and the team. Training is offered across many disciplines, and opportunities to learn from peers during RedCloud's enrichment programs, mentoring, and social events (remote and in-person) are provided throughout the year.

Lastly, giving back to the communities where we live and work is at the heart of our company culture – it’s part of RedCloud’s DNA. Each year, our team gives back to our community partners at local organizations RedCloud has long-standing relationships with. While our community efforts are focused on Seattle-area nonprofit partners, we continue to seek ways these partnerships can extend to other parts of the country and invite our consultants to support with their talent and time, no matter their geography!

Join us - either remotely or in person - and find out why RedCloud continues to strive to be a “great place to work.”

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