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Our Ongoing Sustainability Pathway - 2023 Updates

Our commitment to operating a sustainable business is strong and only grows stronger as we experience severe weather events impacting our region, country, and the world at large. The need to stay focused on decarbonizing our business operations and supply chain becomes more important each year.

At RedCloud, we believe that sustainable business practices are not only essential for the health of our employees and their communities but for the long-term success of the company as well.

We're proud to be a consulting firm that values sustainability and is dedicated to doing our part to ensure that future generations benefit—as we did--from a healthy planet. In that spirit, we’re sharing a quick update on RedCloud’s sustainability journey to inform and inspire others to act, too.

2023 Sustainability Update

Having committed to sustainability several years ago, we’re working to reduce the impact of our business on the world around us. Some of our ongoing sustainability activities and initiatives include:

  • Carbon Reductions

    • We commit to reduce our emissions by about 55% by 2030. This aligns with the goals of a major client, Microsoft, which is a leader in corporate sustainability ambitions and practices. This goal will continue to be our North Star, guiding our decisions and investments in sustainability.

  • Engagement with Emissions Data Specialists

    • Over the last year, we have engaged with Rye Strategy, an independent assessor specializing in emissions data collection, analysis, and reporting, to help us verify that our emissions data is accurate and actionable. This investment will help demonstrate clear emissions reductions.

  • Annual Collection and Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

    • We continue to collect and disclose GHG emissions data related to RedCloud operations, including our supply chain, to measure the impacts of our actions and investments. This data includes office leasing and energy use, receipts for purchased goods (such as laptops), and travel itineraries and expenses.

  • Identification of Additional Mitigation Strategies

    • We’re investigating and assessing the feasibility and potential impact of new sustainability strategies, including:

      • Sourcing products from “greener suppliers”

      • Using more energy-efficient products in daily operations

      • Reducing overall business travel and investing in “sustainable aviation fuel”

      • Expanding our hybrid work model for our employees

      • Encouraging our commercial landlord to purchase renewable energy

  • Continuous Improvement

    • We regularly review our practices, set new sustainability goals, and seek innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact. As a professional service firm, our carbon footprint is smaller than those of manufacturing, transportation, and other industries, but we still have work to do. Sustainability is an ongoing commitment

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