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AI, Consultants, and Community: RedCloud's 2024 Outlook

With the New Year upon us like a breath of fresh air, many of us put together a list of resolutions to improve ourselves, our careers, our homes, or our relationships, etc.. The big question is always will those resolutions turn into solutions? 

​At RedCloud, we have a list of our own resolutions for the firm and our approach to this dynamic consulting industry, beginning first and foremost with our continued support and empowerment of our consultants. Our people are the lifeblood of our success and the reason our clients come back with smiles, kudos and future projects.

A Quick 2023 Review

But before we look ahead, here’s our top highlights from 2023 that will guide us forward: 

  • Expanding Practices and Client Solutions: 2023 was a year spent keeping our eyes on the latest tech trends and tools, and further developing and expanding the solutions we offer, particularly in our Privacy, Data and Analytics, and Business Solutions and Intelligence practice areas. Our client roster flourished, our office footprint expanded, our geographical presence exploded, and our service offerings have diversified. These milestones are not just markers of success; they are reasons to celebrate!

  • Appreciating our Diverse, Nimble Team of Professionals: We’re proud that we’ve maintained a diverse and talented workforce, and even prouder of the work. 2023 brought opportunities and changes to our business, but our consultants stayed nimble, adapting to the ever-evolving demands of our industry and our clients. RedCloud continues to prioritize relationships above all else and values people as individuals, each with their own unique story.

  • Sustaining Sustainability: In the way we operate our business, interact with our clients and support our employees, RedCloud is committed to achieving environmental sustainability to address the impacts of climate change and support a successful future for our planet. 2023 saw us hone our carbon emissions tracking and reporting process and sustained our commitment to . . . well, sustainability. In 2024, we’ll make even greater progress against our goal to reduce our emissions by 55% in the next few years; now that’s a resolution we’ll be keeping. 

Our 2024 Outlook

We’re seeing some trends and priorities emerge in 2024 that will help guide RedCloud’s work and vision for the consulting industry: 

  • Solutions Evolving Alongside New Technologies:  In the ever-evolving world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal – it's a necessity. In 2024, RedCloud’s practices are positioned well to help our clients understand the impact and implement emerging technologies like AI to provide innovative solutions, helping them navigate and leverage these advancements.

  • Investing in Our People: In 2024, we again recognize that our greatest asset is our people. We’ll continue to provide professional development initiatives to connect our consultants (even though they may be geographically spread), and give them the training and latest skills to ensure that our firm remains a leader in the industry. We understand that investing in our team's growth is synonymous with investing in the success of our clients.

  • Investing in our Community: Our long-standing commitment to youth and education in the communities in which RedCloud operates will not waiver in 2024. We will continue to make time for our team to give back to the communities in which we live and work. This is embedded in our company culture. RedCloud's long-standing partnerships with local organizations such as Toys For Kids and Junior Achievement of Washington provide our team with a variety of opportunities to give back every year.

​As we step into 2024, the horizon looks bright for RedCloud. Embracing new technologies, maintaining a people-centric focus, investing in our local communities, and building a sustainable future are key pillars that will continue RedCloud’s upward trajectory, providing unique, rewarding opportunities for our team, and delivering excellence for our clients.

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