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Where Are They Now? Update on Scholarship Winner Madison

With all that has happened in our community and society since November 2019, it seems like much longer ago than just seven months when we proudly awarded Madison from Stanwood High School our annual RedCloud Consulting Scholarship. Alongside our community partners at Toys For Kids, this tradition is one of the most impactful for us—a tangible benefit of our team's hard work throughout the year.

We always love to track the impact of our community programs and, in particular, to see how our scholarship winners take this boost to the next level in their educational careers. To that end, we recently caught up with Madison, who is wrapping up an anything-but-usual senior year of high school via remote learning through the pandemic. Still, with a positive attitude she is known for. Here is a quick update directly from Madison, along with some truly valuable advice for the next scholarship winners:

Madison - 2019 Winner

“I am graduating from Stanwood High School and will attend Skagit Valley College, where I will also play basketball. This scholarship has made a huge difference in my college experience, as it has lifted a lot of stress off of my shoulders. I definitely feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and am looking forward to seeing all the good it will bring.

I plan to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing and later specialize in pediatrics. Some advice I would give the newest scholarship winners would be just to enjoy the experience. It is a blessing to have the chance to meet and connect with the amazing people who make up this foundation.

I advise the newest winners to lay out a good plan for themselves and to choose a college where they'll be able to succeed the most. The new way of going to school will definitely take some adjusting but I have been able to cope by using the time to be with family.

On the education aspect, I've been preparing for college by taking advanced and college preparatory classes and developing better studying habits. On the social aspect, I have been preparing by continuing to get to know my future teammates and coach. I'm very grateful for the Toys for Kids Foundation, donors, and all of those who make it possible to help the community as well as students.”

We can’t wait to see Madison’s continued journey, as we’re sure she’ll make a positive impact in the world! Join us in congratulating her on graduation and the next steps!

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