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UW Foster School of Business: Celebrating 2020 and Kicking off for 2021

Four years ago, our Managing Partner Brett Clifton stepped up to give back to our community focusing on cause close to his heart by joining the advisory board of the University of Washington Foster School’s Consulting and Business Development Center (CBDC). The CBDC takes higher education one step further with real-life experience for students working on their undergrad degrees or MBA’s, giving them invaluable experience to use when they head into the business world upon graduation. As part of Brett’s leadership of the CBDC, RedCloud consultants have played an active role in the past in judging business plan competitions and mentoring students who are learning about consulting and its real world applications.

Impact Awards

As part of RedCloud’s ongoing support of the CBDC, and as a way to put a bow on 2020, for the fourth year we proudly supported the program’s Impact Awards, which recognizes business, civic, and student leaders who show commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in business. Celebrating 25 years of Impact Awards with an adapted virtual event (So 2020!) - the featured speakers included: Nigel Burton (Pac-12 Networks & UW Foster Alum), Joanne Harrell (Sr. Director, Microsoft, UW Board of Regents) and local legend Coach Chris Peterson (Former UW Husky Head Football Coach & 2020 Fritzky Chair). A big congrats goes out to Jordan Crawford for being recognized with the Accenture Student Consultant of the Year Award.

Despite the virtual nature of 2020, we were grateful to take part in the celebration to honor all that has been achieved during a challenging time.

A Year of Mentoring Ahead

In November, a team of RedCloud Consultants helped kick off the CBDC’s 2020-21 Business Management Consulting Program via zoom during “Business Advising Day”. The event launched with a chance for all of the participants and their mentors to meet each other and discuss their upcoming projects that the teams of student consultants will undertake starting this month. Around 90-100 students will be participating in this unique program, forming teams of 4-6 students each. 

The RedCloud employee advisors and the client company they will be supporting include: 

  • Marie Mihail (The Athena Group)

  • Sophia Stead (First Metals)

  • Mary Anne (Blake Barber Creek)

  • Scott Morton (Alliance West Insurance)

Our mentors are looking forward to giving honest advice and feedback to the students as they embark on a real-world experience. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to the program and seeing the projects come to life in 2021!

“I was fortunate to attend UW twice (BA Economics, MBA Foster Executive Program) and am passionate about learning. The thorough approach and organized structure of this program is impressive. Helping others with their educational goals is wonderful. Learning from students and peers is the biggest benefit! I miss school so this is a terrific opportunity to experience the latest academic experiences and innovations.
My goal in volunteering is to develop positive mentoring relationships and learn from the business team with whom we are working. My goal for students is to help them see the value of their education and how their studies will create a positive impact on others today and tomorrow.”
- Marie Milhail

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