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Community Update: Toys for Kids Steps-up Support

At RedCloud, community is everything. It’s one of our North Stars and serves as a guiding value we keep close to our business in all we do. We believe our success is partly due to a healthy, vibrant community in which we operate and a driver for why we partner with a group of organizations that help children in our region. ​

One of the organizations we’re proud to support is Toys for Kids, which helps children of all socioeconomic backgrounds be better prepared for school and life. As part of our year-round support for this amazing organization, we recently checked in with TfK and in particular, on how COVID-19 is impacting the families and children they support through school readiness and gift-giving. As perhaps expected, TfK shared how now, during the peak of COVID-19, many families and children in our region need essentials. With school suspended, jobs lost, and parents working at home, the needs are greater, and TfK's support becomes critical.

As it’s in their DNA as an organization, TfK has truly stepped up its efforts in the face of the pandemic to help meet a set of needs that is burying families and children. Including ongoing support from RedCloud, TfK has made an incredible local impact with $31,000 in donations that lead to the delivery of essentials to local families, including:

  • 21,000 diapers

  • 35,000 baby wipes

  • 1,000 lunches

  • 20 Lenovo Chromebooks to help with remote learning

  • Financial assistance with rent and utilities for those in need through the Issaquah Food Bank

  • 26 Self-care packs for domestic violence victims

Stories like TfK's give us all hope that even in the hardest of times, we can pull together and support each other. Thank you, TfK, for all you do during challenging times and for all your hard work in making sure our local families get what they need to carry on!

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