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Backpacks for the Children via Toys for Kids

Believe it or not, summer has come to an end as children in our community head back to the classroom for the fall. Each school year, the RedCloud team looks forward to partnering with local programs to provide the youth in our community with the necessary tools for a new season of learning. Again this year, we supported our long-term partners at Toys for Kids Seattle by providing funding and some volunteer hands for 62 backpacks.

Each trendy backpack was filled with the necessary items for classroom learning, including pens, pencils, crayons, markers, notepads, calculators, and all the materials kids look forward to shopping for during the back-to-school season. Admittedly, we all scratched our heads when we got all the backpacks stuffed and realized we had two calculators left over. (Oops!) A little quality control goes a long way to ensure every child has what they need to succeed.

With all 62 backpacks assembled and ready for eager young learners, we dropped them off to students celebrating the graduation of their summer school program - just in time for school to start!

Every fall, we look forward to donating backpacks to support TfK’s back-to-school program. We know how exciting it is to shop for back-to-school supplies, yet many families don’t have the privilege of this experience.

“Being able to participate in the process was rewarding for our family and a real treat to see both the surprise and joy on the children’s faces at their summer school graduation. This was an outstanding event where the kids have invested in themselves to ensure they are on track academically for the coming school year.” - Brett Alston, Managing Partner

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