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A Year of Support: Our First Career Day with Broadview

As you may have seen, in partnership with Toys For Kids, RedCloud is providing a full year of support to Solid Ground’s Broadview Shelter & Transitional Housing - in a few different ways. In December, RedCloud delivered new technology for their facility, and during 2021, we’re continuing with ongoing career support for residents with time and expertise from RedCloud team members.

To kick off the career support, we wrapped up February with the very first Broadview Career Day - one of many to come in order to help prepare residents for job searching, resume building, and employment support as they re-enter the workforce. Recognizing that the residents at Broadview are in the midst of perhaps one of the toughest spots in their lives, we came prepared by attending a session from Solid Ground in advance. The session helped us understand where the residents are coming from and how we can best speak with them to encourage and cheerlead their career path.

So, what did Career Day look like - especially during a pandemic? Our RedCloud team dedicated a full day to Broadview residents in need and advised them during 11 sessions that they were able to sign up for in advance. With help from Broadview’s case workers, the residents completed a questionnaire, enabling our recruiters to understand where the residents are at and where the assistance is most needed.

Experts from RedCoud’s recruiting team called each of the residents to discuss their goals. The following sessions will be conducted over Microsoft Teams to enable screen sharing for resume support and guidance. During the sessions, the video will remain off to protect the residents’ privacy. An interpreter was on hand for residents in need of help with the English language. The sessions include a variety of help, whether it be job search assistance, goal setting, or resume revisions.

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue offering our helping hands in support of our upcoming March Career Day. Broadview residents are welcome to attend another session (with the same recruiter) to build on the advice provided in session one. In the meantime, residents are also set up and equipped to email the RedCloud team confidentially to answer questions and keep the momentum up before the next Career Day.

We’re so excited to be part of this collaborative effort, and we believe that just an hour of our time with each resident goes a long way in helping them on their way to a bright and successful future ahead. Each of them is so strong for taking the step not only to go to Broadview but also to seek our support in their road ahead. Onwards!

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