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Tips for a Successful Interview

At RedCloud, we recognize that the interview process can feel overwhelming. That's why our dedicated recruiting team is here to offer you expert advice to navigate it with confidence. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we've compiled essential tips to ensure your success.

  1. Most interviews are done via video through Microsoft Teams. Please join the meeting 5 min before the start time. You can ask your RedCloud Recruiter to troubleshoot Teams with you to ensure that both your video and audio are working properly.

  2. It’s best to have a background that reflects your professionalism. Make sure the space you’re in is clean, quiet, and organized. Prepare as best you can so that no pets, children, or other distractions come into the frame during your call. If you're using Teams on your desktop, consider selecting a RedCloud Backdrop Image from our gallery below for your background. You can also opt to blur your background for added focus.

  3. Dress professionally, as you would for an in-person interview. Remove hats and sunglasses before you get on the call.

  4. Your RedCloud Recruiter will try to give you as much insight into the team and scope as possible, but if you have questions beforehand, please feel free to ask. Do research on the interviewer, team, and organization. Come prepared with questions to ask your interviewer that will help you gain more insight into the day-to-day, deliverables, team atmosphere, etc.

  5. ​Have your resume handy. Be prepared to answer questions about your prior work experience.

  6. Most interviewers prefer clear and concise answers to their questions. Try answering questions in terms of: “this was the scope/challenge, this is what I brought to the table, and this was the end impact.” Be respectful of your interviewer’s time. Provide complete responses, but steer away from tangents. Pause occasionally to give your interviewer the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions.

  7. Don't discuss decision deadlines or rate of pay with the client interviewer. These are questions for your recruiter and/or Account Manager only.

  8. Relax, smile, and do your best to leave a positive and authentic impression on your interviewer.


If you'd like to use one of the RedCloud brand backdrops for Teams featured below: Right click on the image, select "save as", and save it to your preferred location before uploading to your Teams app.

When you’re done, please let your recruiter know how your interview went! Good luck! We’re rooting for you!

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