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Shepherding a Supply Chain Through a World-Class Transformation

An international technology company had developed systems and tools to manage its supply chain, but as demand grew, so did the strain on those existing systems.

Increased demand required a supply chain with far more efficient tools and scalable systems.

​To help build a world-class supply chain organization, RedCloud Consulting stepped in with expert change management support, ensuring smooth adoption and system success.THE


Our client, a global tech company, wanted a supply chain that could reliably scale with market demands. Besides development, adoption of supply chain improvements was key. And to achieve that, a fundamental transformation of roles, processes, and systems needed to happen.

"Thank you so much for all the work you do. Your perspective, energy, and expertise contribute greatly. Thanks for standing up this effort to help the team establish baseline engagement metrics so we can shoot for the stars! What isn’t tracked isn’t counted.”
- Client Representative


Our team of experienced consultants tapped their critical thinking toolkit to generate thoughtful ways to drive adoption. Throughout the project, our consultants relied on inspired storytelling, creative infographics, and other proactive forms of communication to ensure changes were managed in a way that best supported the clients’ supply chain transformation and ease of adoption. In addition, our team developed innovative tools to measure communication effectiveness.

Creating a communications metrics dashboard to better understand baseline trends for how employees consumed project sites, emails, and workshop content allowed the RedCloud team to make informed and necessary adjustments. Due to the size and complexity of the transformation efforts, our client requested a persona repository.

​Our team's strategy involved creating a RASCI matrix to define roles and responsibilities for different groups impacted by the transformation. Using this matrix, the RedCloud team was able to build a "live" persona repository on SharePoint, which housed project personas, FAQs, training resources, contacts and more. This enabled change managers to be aligned on persona data points.

RedCloud change managers also identified the need for a scalable project management approach to support small to large projects. They created a visual representation of change management deliverables and drove weekly meetings with client team members to make sure that any changes to the timeline were proactively addressed.


RedCloud increased communication effectiveness by creating a way to quickly measure the effectiveness of various forms of communication, and identify additional engagement opportunities.

By leveraging SharePoint, RedCloud enabled consistent persona data capture and transparency. This saved the client time by providing change managers and other team members with upfront persona information, allowing them to better drive business and change management decisions.

RedCloud change managers used their extensive experience in Prosci ADKAR to increase transformation awareness and knowledge through communications and training, focusing on feedback and engagement opportunities to guarantee transformation readiness.

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