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RedCloud’s "10 Min With" Year in Review

In 2023, our "10 Minutes With" blog series has been a voyage full of insights, enlightenment, and even a few surprises. We’ve featured interviews with the brilliant minds (and talents) at the heartbeat of our team.

From seasoned veterans and fresh faces to trailblazing visionaries and more, each dialogue delved deep into the distinctive viewpoints and journeys that make RedCloud who we are. So, if you're eager to uncover the insights, motivations, and expertise that power RedCloud, dive into some highlights from our 2023 "10 Minutes With" series. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and intrigued by the stories and experiences that define our team.

Senior Product Manager Bradley Millington

Embark on a journey with Bradley Millington, an essential member of the RedCloud team. Discover his unique approach to mornings, the secrets to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and insights into the distinctive company culture at RedCloud. Join Bradley for a glimpse into his vibrant life beyond the office walls. Read Bradley's Insights.

Senior Consultant Alka Garg

Meet Alka Garg, a seasoned professional shaping the realms of data privacy and tech consulting. In her recent interview, Alka shares insights into her role in developing and maturing RedCloud's Privacy and Security practice. Explore her journey, the seamless onboarding process at RedCloud, and the pillars of trust, integrity, and culture that set us apart. Discover Alka's Story.

Alumni Chris Frost

Join us for a special Q&A session as we catch up with Chris Frost, a valued member of the RedCloud alumni. Learn about his career path, updates since his time at RedCloud, and the qualities that made him a true friend to our team. Connect with Chris.

Account Director Lou Hazim

Lou Hazim, our Account Director for the Privacy & Security Practice, has rejoined RedCloud with over 20 years of consulting experience. Explore Lou's passion for enhancing Cyber Security Posture and his role in expanding the success of his practice area. Get to Know Lou.

Intern Siqi Zhao

Get to know our summer intern, Siqi Zhao, as we sit down for an insightful conversation. With a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Siqi brought tremendous self-driven ambition to the table. Meet Siqi.

Senior Consultant Tugcem Kurbanzade

Meet Tugcem Kurbanzade, a Senior Consultant leveraging her expertise in Microsoft Power Platform technologies to help our clients. Join us as we explore Tugcem's journey since joining RedCloud last year. Discover Tugcem's Expertise.

Senior Associate Marco Gastelum

Welcome back, Marco! Explore the journey of Marco Gastelum, a senior associate on our Business Solutions and Intelligence team. With deep consulting experience, Marco is set to contribute to the success of RedCloud. Connect with Marco.

Production Designer Chris Munson

Join us in celebrating Chris Munson's first anniversary with RedCloud. Discover how Chris quickly settled into his role as a vital member of our team after joining during a busy transition period. Explore Chris's Impact.

We're continuously seeking enthusiastic individuals eager to embark on our path of innovation and distinction. If you feel you possess the qualities to contribute to our dynamic team, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Be a part of sculpting the future of technology and innovation alongside us. The starting point for the next chapter of your career could be right here at RedCloud.

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