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10 Min With: RedCloud Alumni Siqi Zhao

We are thrilled we found time to sit down with our 2023 summer intern, Siqi. With her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, we can already tell that she’s a self-driven and ambitious individual with a bright future ahead.

Read on to learn more about her experience thus far and what app she can’t live without (it may surprise you)!


What were your main tasks and projects during the internship?

I have primarily focused on conducting background research on the consulting industry and our client base. My research involved utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and Glassdoor to collect data that will help RedCloud continue to provide our clients with top-notch service and unique and rewarding opportunities for our consultants. 

What did you use the most from school in your internship?

During my internship at RedCloud, I primarily utilized the soft skills I acquired during my education. These skills included interpersonal skills, data organization skills, and a basic understanding of business concepts. A significant aspect of my internship involved actively and regularly communicating with Account Manager Scott Morton to better understand RedCloud’s current position in the market. Additionally, my expertise in data organization, stemming from my background as an industrial engineering major, allowed me to effectively consolidate seemingly unrelated data and present it coherently and structured.

What is it like working with the RedCloud team?

I decided to join RedCloud primarily because of its inclusive and supportive atmosphere. Despite being a short-term intern, I have experienced a strong sense of respect and integration within the team. I greatly appreciate Scott for providing me with this opportunity and emphasizing the importance of my learning experience during the internship rather than merely focusing on completing mandatory tasks.

What were the biggest takeaways you had from your internship?

The most significant lesson I learned is to go beyond the minimum requirements when approaching tasks. I view my internship as a stepping stone from academic life to the professional world, encompassing both skill development and a shift in mindset. In school, I often focused solely on completing assigned tasks without fully grasping the broader significance or ultimate objective of the assignment. However, RedCloud has taught me the value of working backward. This approach involves identifying the desired end goal and then meticulously planning and implementing all the necessary steps to accomplish that goal. By adopting this proactive mindset, I have learned to take ownership of my work and actively contribute to the overarching objectives of the organization.

What do you think will translate most to your next job that you learned?

The internship provided me with valuable experience, particularly in terms of the web tools I became proficient in and the work mindset I cultivated. One key aspect of this experience is that having prior knowledge or exposure to similar tasks enhances my ability to complete assignments successfully. 

 Where do you see the future of RedCloud?

Based on my current understanding, I think RedCloud has the capacity to become the top technology consulting firm in Washington. This is due to its comprehensive consulting services, which combine various aspects. Moreover, RedCloud has received an impressive rating of 4.9 (out of 5.0) on Glassdoor, indicating that it is highly regarded and has a welcoming environment for both clients and employees. 

Name a piece of tech you can’t live without or your favorite app?

An important piece of tech that I can’t live without is LinkedIn since it’s an efficient tool for me to not only connect with and learn the experiences of people around me but also search for companies’ information, background, and recent activities.

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