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RedCloud Consulting Named One of Washington State’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

​It’s no secret that our regional, state, and even local economies are some of the hottest in the entire nation. The Pacific Northwest draws thousands of new tech and “gig economy” workers here to live, work, and thrive. Having been anchored in this community for more than two decades, RedCloud has been fortunate to have seen growth first-hand. Since our firm’s distinct pivot in 2015 towards business and IT consulting, we’ve helped drive some of that regional growth ourselves.

Recently, we were again named in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Eastside 50 Fastest-Growing Private Companies” list, landing at #28 with continued revenue growth at 57% between 2015-2017. Coming off of last year’s #1 ranking of our 678% growth rate since 2014, it is an honor to remain on this list while our company has matured significantly since our early days. While continued growth will always be on our mind to enable us to scale up the interesting, varied, and unique project opportunities for our consultants, investing back into the firm to ensure long-term stability, quality resources for our team, and unmatched placements for our clients has become our top-priority as a matured firm.

Looking down this year’s list at the other companies, we are encouraged by the other entrepreneurs who have joined the wave of economic boom in The Pacific Northwest. These 50 Eastside companies have employed more than 13,700 people globally in 2017, an increase of 88 percent from 2015. The data proves how far the local economy has come and signals where the PNW is headed. Congratulations to all those on this year’s Eastside 50 list – what an amazing business community we are a part of!


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