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Lunch & Lunch Recap: Mental Resilience with Positive Intelligence

One of our most popular consultant-focused professional development opportunities is RedCloud’s regular “Lunch & Learn” sessions during which we bring relevant and practical learnings to our team. Our most recent L&L session in early May was no exception, as leadership and life coach Dat Tran focused on “Mental Resilience with Positive Intelligence” - skills and approaches that can help any professional in today’s quick-moving, pressure filled world!

Having presented more than 30 times to a who’s who of Seattle-area leading companies, Dat’s Mental Resilience with Positive Intelligence session provides insights and practical exercises used to build mental resilience, which supports learning how to move towards peak performance and greater happiness. This allows professionals to create the mental space and type of response needed to best empower ourselves and others.

During his session at RedCloud HQ in Bellevue, WA, Dat shared insights and walked us through several practical, 10-second exercises we can all use to build mental resilience - a key to success in a post-pandemic world that can feel hectic and disjointed at times. Our team also learned about the upsides and downsides of the “9 saboteurs”, how to better manage them, and finding gifts in things with a “Sage perspective” to achieve a more positive mindset overall.

Overall, we had a great turnout and Dat’s presentation resonated with all of our team members who attended. We can’t wait to hear how these practical strategies are implemented by our team.

What our team said:

Consultant and Account Manager Melissa Wilson recommended Dat Tran as our guest speaker and said after attending his workshops she, “has benefitted from Dat’s Positive Intelligence offering and experienced greater peace, performance, and happiness as a result.”

Consultant Christine Arnette commented, “Thank you for sharing your passion with us Dat Tran, what a lovely Lunch & Learn!”

Thanks again Dat!


About Dat Tran:

Dat Tran has 13+ years of experience working with leaders across the world, and most recently as a global enablement leader at Microsoft. As a leadership and life coach, Dat focuses on balance, purpose, and authenticity.

Dat has delivered over 30 coaching keynotes and workshops across Microsoft, Amazon, and Bain for affinity groups, teams, and leadership offsites since starting his Leader Within series in June 2022. His workshop was recommended to us by RedCloud consultant & account manager, Melissa Wilson, who attended a session he presented for Microsoft.

More information is available at

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