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Lunch & Learn Recap: Support and Understanding With Solid Ground

Updated: Mar 18

During 2021 our team is so excited to offer yearlong support to Solid Ground’s Broadview Shelter & Transitional Housing through donation of new technology such as tablets and mic headsets, but also by sharing the time and expertise of our employees. As part of our ongoing community efforts, RedCloud’s recruiting team will hold a monthly career day with Broadview to offer in-kind career coaching, job searching assistance and employment support for parents to re-enter the workforce. Knowing that the residents of the shelter are going through the toughest times of their lives, we’re grateful that we can offer our professional expertise and wisdom to them to help guide them in a positive direction.

Solid Ground recently organized a virtual "Lunch and Learn" session for our volunteer team to enhance our understanding of the residents' healing processes. By collectively grasping how to best support and communicate with them in light of their experiences, particularly those emerging from domestic violence situations, we aim to interact with them respectfully and acknowledge their journeys. With their invaluable insights, we feel prepared and eager to begin offering assistance.

To disseminate information about a widespread issue like domestic violence, which affects numerous individuals in our communities, here are some essential insights that aided our team in gaining a better understanding of our new acquaintances at Broadview:

  • Domestic abuse can occur in many ways outside of physical abuse, including control over finances, control over technology, and even isolation from family and friends

  • According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s 2019 National DV Counts Census, in just one day, 77,226 adults and children received services from a domestic violence agency

  • Approximately 50% of women who are homeless report that intimate partner violence was the immediate cause of their homelessness

  • Homicides due to domestic violence nearly doubled in 2020 in King County

  • Women and families of color, who are more likely to live in poverty, have fewer resources available to help them leave violent situations or to seek care for the violence they have suffered

  • Most survivors do not feel safe calling the police (NDVH Report, 2015)

  • Domestic violence can affect many aspects of the victim’s life, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health

Given all that we learned with Solid Ground’s wealth of expertise presented, we feel empowered with these tools:

  • The best way to speak to a victim is to listen, not judge

  • Respecting boundaries when a resident says “no” is important, and giving them options is the best way to navigate where they prefer to go next

  • Validate their experiences and let them know it’s okay to feel frustrated or uncomfortable, always offering a break if needed

  • Residents will vary in readiness to work, so we will be prepared to meet them where they are

In closing, we’re sharing the National Domestic Violence Hotline in case you or anyone you know needs resources, knowing that domestic violence occurs at all economic levels in all areas of the country: 1.800.799.7233

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