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Lunch and Learn Recap: Cybersecurity

We love learning here at RedCloud! Late last month, our team gathered virtually for a session solely focused on learning more about one of the hottest (and most critical) topics in tech—cybersecurity. No stranger to our team, RedCloud Alumni Terry McCorkle, Founder and CEO of PhishCloud Inc., joined us to share his wisdom.

Terry is a certified hacker with over twenty-one years of experience in the cybersecurity industry who has served in a broad range of technical, analytical, and leadership roles. We were thrilled to learn from him and to see how he has flourished since his time at RedCloud. Terry’s company, PhishCloud Inc. empowers people to make intelligent decisions on digital phishing threats, fortifies IT visibility so they can respond to that threat, and delivers reality-based education that reduces the risk of phishing attacks.

With growing concerns about cyberattacks, it’s important to sharpen our skills when it comes to recognizing a potential threat. We learned so many eye-opening methods for identifying threats and thinking more like an attacker - seeing firsthand some examples of phishing. A big thanks to Terry for sharing his tips and for making our lunchtime worth its weight in gold.

Wondering what our team members thought of the session? Their feedback was so positive!

Lindsey Hornsby, Recruiter: "It was great to see RedCloud Alumni making such an impact in their field and then coming back to share their insight on industry best practices. Thank you, Terry, for presenting a complex issue to us in such a user-centric way!"

Kelly Hallissey, Account Manager: “It was very informative. I had no idea what a big 'business' hacking, ie. 50m bad emails get through daily, 75x more phishing sites than malware, and 97% of people are unable to spot phishing. A couple of takeaways: setup multi-factor authentication whenever possible, secure your home network. Terry mentioned having two networks in his personal household - one for business and one used by the family for gaming sites, general use, etc. The other alarming data point was how many hackers are using search and social media sites for phishing. Action: check and change your passwords regularly, set up multi-factor authentication on email, and be hyper-aware before you click on a site!”

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