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Boosting Sales​ Through Unified Support

A global Fortune 500 software company rolled out a new subscription business model for technical support services. This new model was designed to simplify enterprise customer purchasing, reduce administration, and standardize pricing.


A new subscription support program would challenge the sales team to sell new, higher-priced offerings. It would also change how the sales operations team approved and implemented negotiated deals. The new model was significantly different from the previous one, and our client realized that updated operational processes, systems, and documentation would be needed prior to roll-out.

The client turned to RedCloud to build an underlying strategy, end-to-end processes, systems, and guidance to ensure the pricing and sales support desk were both up to speed on the new program. The client asked to have flexible systems put into place to streamline and standardize pricing across deal type. Additionally, because the company was mature and multinational, the project lived in a startup environment where resources were required to be adaptable and reactive, based on learning, within a product’s specific launch cycle.

"Through their work with our support team, RedCloud has shown their ability to react quickly to changing business scenarios and have resources that are knowledgeable, capable, and flexible. The pricing governance desk created by RedCloud met our needs and those of our customers.”
-- Client Representative


A RedCloud team joined the technical support subscription project performing Tier 2 case management and pricing governance. The project began with RedCloud managing capacity of the front-line sales support desks, improving their knowledge-based assets and identifying opportunities for process improvement.

RedCloud then provided QA services for validating the model’s pricing tool, while documenting business rule changes and calculation methodologies. RedCloud additionally led the development for a quick reference guide to provide field self help, reducing the number of incoming questions and cases that would have required additional assets.

Finally, RedCloud became a support resource for custom deal pricing to the client’s enterprise customers, recommending pathways for deal closure and implementing documentation for the process.


The client's aim was to roll-out the new business model on a global scale. RedCloud’s work to develop a foundational business strategy, as well as the required processes and tools, improved readiness and response time to inbound pricing inquiries.

​RedCloud successfully established pricing governance for audit purposes and business conformity, allowing our client to effectively transition enterprise customers to the new support model.

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