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10 Minutes With: The Finance Team

Recently, we sat down with three key members of RedCloud's finance team: Jonathan Avedovech, Financial Controller; Aaron Mabbott, Accounting Associate; and Julia Thompson, Financial Manager of Payroll and Accounts Payable. We delve into their roles, onboarding experiences, and what drew them to RedCloud. From discussing the exceptional people they work with to highlighting the company's vision and leadership, these finance professionals provide unique insights.


Briefly describe your role and how long you've been at RedCloud

JA: I’m the Financial Controller, and I joined the team only 2 months ago (6/30/22)

AM: I joined RedCloud consulting in May of 2022.  I am currently part of the accounting team and work mostly with accounts receivable. 

JT: I joined Redcloud last February. I manage payroll, accounts payable and sometimes I dabble in other finance stuff. 


What was it like to join RedCloud (onboarding process)?

JA: Are you kidding me?  The people are great!  Smart, quick, fun, and kind!  The interviews were casual and comfortable while maintaining a professional stance that fostered 2-way informative communication. 

AM:I really enjoyed the onboarding process at RedCloud.  Brett Clifton made sure I was given the support and training I needed to succeed.  I came from a very different work environment, and I certainly felt welcomed and encouraged through every step of the onboarding process.

JT: There was a lot to take in (and still is), but there is also a lot of support. Brett & Brett & Emily are always available to answer questions (even the dumb ones, of which I’m sure there have been many).

Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud?

JA: Again, it’s about the people.  It’s always about the people.  There’s an unspoken pride of working for Brett and Brett.  There’s a great balance of emotional maturity, professionalism, intelligence, and fun.  The immense respect everyone shows for each other is both overt and covert. 

AM: I am really impressed with the vision and leadership at RedCloud consulting.  Every process is thought out. Every client receives consistent and reliable treatment.  In an industry where you need to stand out to be noticed, RedCloud does that by building relationships with their employees and clients.

JT: The people! Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. I also love the flexibility in work locations.

What originally drew you to RedCloud?

JA: Glassdoor said it all.

AM: A friend referred me to RedCloud consulting after hearing that my previous company was closing their doors. He worked with the RedCloud finance team in the past and gave them rave reviews.  He thought I would be a good fit for an open accounting position, and I am very grateful that he pointed me in RedCloud’s direction.

JT: Having worked in this industry since 2007, I’ve read some good things about them. I spent a few years quietly spying on them to see if they had an opening that I could fill. I was totally shocked when Brett Clifton contacted me out of the blue to see if I’d be interested in this role.

Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

JA: I think the more clients (people as opposed to businesses) hear through word of mouth on how great our consulting services are in terms of not only getting the jobs done on time and well, but also showcasing our fostering great relationships with other people, then there’s no question this company will continue to grow and expand.

AM: I see only opportunities when it comes to consulting and RedCloud.  The Seattle area is known for their tech industries and RedCloud is a company that is always recruiting and retaining top talent.  RedCloud has the leadership and reputation in the tech industries to remain a top player in the consulting world for many years to come.

JT: Consulting is a huge industry that is only going to get bigger due to the constant movement of technology and the need for companies to modernize their systems. RedCloud will continue to grow because they hire top talent and treat them like family.


Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

JA: Phone (being connected to my daughters), Laptop, TV, Microwave, Alarm Clock, Dishwasher, Vacuum Cleaner, Car, any 737’s that’s not the Max – I’m so glad we’re in the 21st century! 

AM: I am one of those people who could leave a lot of technology behind.  I certainly don’t hate technology and think it is useful for completing my job, but I believe a majority of life should still happen face-to-face.  The piece of technology that I find the most useful is my multiple monitor screens.  As an accountant, I am constantly checking numbers against two sources to make sure they balance.  Having the information side-by-side saves a lot of time and effort.

JT: Electricity. Because, duh.

What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud?

JA: Improved reporting by me and attending the Holiday Party!

AM: I am looking forward to new experiences, gaining business knowledge and creating great memories along the way!

JT: Since I’m still fairly new, I am really looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the systems that we have in place from an internal operations standpoint. I also can’t wait to meet everyone outside of email. 

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