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Staying the Course: Stability in Unique Times

Prior to the rapid impacts of the pandemic, which arrived in early 2020, our firm—like many companies in the Seattle area—was on track to have a record year. This was fueled by strong results on behalf of our clients, a growing team of professionals who brought their best every day, and a booming regional economy in need of the services RedCloud specializes in.

Of course, the personal, economic, and societal fallout from the onset of the pandemic has touched everyone in one way or another - some far worse than others from a medical and economic perspective. It is safe to say we are all still navigating the pandemic every week or daily.

At RedCloud, we’re proudly staying the course in our business, ensuring our clients and employees maintain a sense of stability and results that we have long prided ourselves on. Will the record-breaking year continue? Well, we might have to hit pause for a few more months on that trajectory. However, we’re happy to report on a strong first half despite the challenges in front of us. The SS RedCloud sails on strongly into a headwind!

For our consultants, the adaptation to remote work has gone astoundingly well. We recognize that our industry’s reliance (and implementation) on technology makes us fortunate to continue to work and dissemination our decision-making via today’s communications tools - ensuring we stay highly productive on behalf of our clients. We know that RedCloud is fortunate not just to have survived the pandemic to date but to have continued to thrive - building our team and adding new clients and projects.

While our firm and projects continue to push forward under the steady eye of our leadership team and account managers, as a company, we continue to learn each day of this unusual life we all find ourselves in and will adapt based on the ups and downs of the pandemic. “We are all in this together” is an oft-used term in today’s society, but could just be the most simple and poignant way to describe our firm’s attitude in the midst of a challenge unlike any other.

We thank our clients for their continued trust in our work and as always, our RedCloud team of dedicated professionals that continue to “come to work” and thrive.

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