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​Sales Enablement Program Management and Modernization

Updated: Feb 23

RedCloud consultants leaned in to help a client in the technology sector build a new Sales Enablement strategy and content management process from the ground up.


After a challenging period within the sales enablement team the previous year in the middle of product launch, a global technology company's sales enablement processes were in disarray.

RedCloud consultants worked with marketing leaders and cross-organization stakeholders to develop, deploy, and manage a modernized sales enablement program incorporating new approaches to content management, asset production, and partner/sales alignment.

"[RedCloud Consultant] Daniel Tompkins is a invaluable asset on this team. His product knowledge astounds me. He is thoughtful, logical, and really invested in the work we do. Daniel always lends a hand when I need to talk through feedback and problem solve. Not only can he easily spot errors, but he also helps create the solution."
-- Client Representative


RedCloud consultants brought new sales enablement strategies and best practices to the Intel team, managing the rollout of a new sales enablement program with a modern, streamlined approach.

First, the consultants analyzed existing sales enablement processes. They identified content and process gaps and documented workflow. Then they engaged with cross-organization stakeholders to present and implement a set of solutions designed to address their immediate business needs.

Once those solutions were in place, the team developed, documented, and deployed a new sales enablement program for cross-organization stakeholders. They also provided ongoing insights into content and process effectiveness by leveraging Seismic, a best-in-class sales enablement content management and analytics tool.

"The client team has prioritized making the customer central to everything they do. In particular, Product Marketing and Sales now engage more closely with the Sales Enablement team to ensure customer and sales assets align with the customer journey and messaging tailored to customer benefits, empowering channel, partner, and field sales to have meaningful business value conversations.
The work is actionable, meaningful, and makes a difference. The role has been exciting and rewarding in that the work directly supports sales and as a result impacts revenue generation for the client.”
-- Daniel Tompkins, RedCloud Consultant


The Sales Enablement team developed and produced content on a budget in excess of $2M and struggled with resource gaps and asset delivery delays.

​After engaging with RedCloud consultants, the team was able to deliver the same volume of content as the previous year (180+ collateral, video, and training assets) on time, and with a 20%-50% smaller budget.


  • Optimized asset delivery times

  • Completed prior launch deliverables

  • Enabled Channel, Partner, and Field Sales team members to find what they need more easily

  • Documented key processes (agency management, asset production, content management)

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