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Lunch and Learn Recap: Marketing & Sales

While big data and AI are key drivers of innovation in today’s economy, garnering a good deal of the current industry spotlight, marketing and sales remain crucial to the initial and long-term success of nearly any type of product or service. 

To that end, over the last decade at RedCloud, we’ve developed a highly accomplished Marketing and Sales practice, providing our clients with proven strategies and innovative tactics to introduce, educate, and motivate customers. Leveraging that expertise, Account Director and Practice Lead Scott Morton hosted our recent internal “Lunch and Learn'' session, with a packed agenda covering RedCloud’s latest service offerings, industry trends, and insightful presentations on recent projects with our clients at Microsoft. Attended by a wide range of the RedCloud team, this session was a treasure trove of knowledge.

Highlights of this Lunch and Learn session included: 

  • A dive into RedCloud's Marketing and Sales offerings, providing an in-depth overview of the array of tools, strategies, and resources used by our team to bolster marketing and sales endeavors. RedCloud's offerings are finely tuned to address the multifaceted requirements of contemporary businesses, covering everything from lead generation and customer relationship management to data analytics and automation.

  • An overview of RedCloud’s ongoing work with Microsoft Cloud Marketing MOSA (Marketing, Operations, Sales, and Analytics), a framework providing businesses with a holistic approach to cloud marketing through leveraging the full potential of Microsoft's cloud solutions for marketing and sales success. Our team also learned how RedCloud's tailored MOSA solutions can help businesses implement effective cloud marketing strategies, driving growth and profitability for our clients in today's competitive marketplace.

  • The Lunch and Learn concluded with Scott providing a deep dive into strategy and planning, providing our team with essential tools and frameworks to develop and execute successful marketing and sales strategies. From setting SMART goals to conducting market research and competitor analysis, this “Strategy & Planning 101” equipped our consultants with a new set of skills, tools, and resources to expand current projects, adding more value to their clients. 

As always, this session sparked cross-team collaborations and ideation within RedCloud’s team of experts, reminding us of the importance of pulling together from time to time to educate and inspire our teammates. We already can’t wait for the next one! 

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