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Celebrating Excellence: Our Win at the 2024 Leaders in Technology Awards

This month, RedCloud’s Digital Solutions practice, led by Benny Swedberg, was honored by Consulting magazine with the 2024 Leaders in Technology: Firm Excellence in Technology Application award. This prestigious accolade recognizes our team’s ability to empower businesses to streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and embrace innovation, enabling our clients to adapt and thrive in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

The award specifically recognized RedCloud’s implementation of a comprehensive managed service for Digital Transformation for clients at an industry-leading, international retail corporation. In this ongoing engagement, our team devised a robust internal framework targeting multiple workstreams that were formerly manual, reliant on physical paperwork, or plagued by inefficiencies stemming from the integration of enterprise systems. 

Our Digital Transformation team developed an integrated program encompassing marketing, triaging, project management, development, and support. The project accomplishments include a substantial reduction in the risk of data security breaches, a noteworthy decrease in workstream effort hours, and a substantial increase in net sales attributable to innovative merchandising assistance applications, resulting in seven-figure sales growth. 

A big thanks must go out to our clients for their trust and partnership, and to our talented team of consultants working on the Digital Solutions practice for their unwavering passion and ingenuity, creating specific solutions to meet our clients’ most pressing challenges. Here’s to continued innovation and many more milestones ahead!

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