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Advanced Analytics: Measuring and Managing Program Effectiveness

Updated: Feb 23

A multinational technology company created a sales support program to address local country challenges for globally dispersed accounts. Our client quickly recognized that they were unable to manage the program while at the same time measure its effectiveness.


Simultaneously managing and measuring sales program effectiveness 

A multinational technology company’s leadership team evaluated its sales support program after realizing the challenge of managing the program while simultaneously measuring its effectiveness. An inability to do both threatened the program's ongoing funding. The company turned to RedCloud to help manage and measure the global inside account program. The goals were to increase time and resource efficiencies and also prove the value of this scalable, shared resource.

​The sales support program was capable of driving revenue by addressing challenges and cultivating sales opportunities that might otherwise be outside the scope of the accounts team. Our client needed to demonstrate the success of this program's approach with the use of key performance indicators and tangible metrics.

"The potential for digital business transformation using the Microsoft Power Platform, is truly staggering in its scope and magnitude."
-- Matt Little, Senior Consultant


Transformation with the Power Platform

Beginning with a detailed assessment of the client’s existing sales data capture and management processes, RedCloud identified issues within the data warehouses, queries, and subsequent reporting functions. We immediately set out to renormalize the database, enabling the full capture and automation of more than 20 data points related to the client’s sales process.

In the past, our client had used a bulk data download, which made it difficult to identify specific points of failure. Any corrections caused a full re-run of the download, wasting valuable time and resources. So RedCloud developed a set of new programs, routines, and automated processes that pulled data from the improved central database to manage and track the sales process. 

Finally, RedCloud developed new data queries to enable real-time, visual reporting and metrics to provide improved sales pipeline management at the team level, and a clear view of program effectiveness at the management level. While automation created efficiencies, RedCloud also built a reporting system flexible enough to pull additional, highly-specific reports by region, product, personnel or other criteria, allowing management multiple avenues for evaluating ROI.

"We needed this platform to streamline the process as simple as possible, so it’s easier to manage/refresh. We wanted automated decision documentation, and needed to make sure important elements are secure and that it was designed to have access by geo."
-- Client Representative


ROI improved by streamlined reporting

Upon implementation of the new data analytics practices and reporting functions, the client was able to produce daily reports of global sales and sales opportunity status for management.

Going forward, the sales database was dramatically more scalable and easier to maintain. Troubleshooting technical issues was streamlined thanks to new analytics and reporting, and regular coordination between sales and tech support teams to ensure data consistency.

​The program was on track for a 50x return on investment, freeing up the sales team to focus on connecting with potential customers, rather than creating reports for their team and management.

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