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10 Resources & Tools for Power Apps Makers

In this article, Yusuf presents a comprehensive selection of tools and resources to streamline your Power App development journey. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, there's something valuable to discover.

Our top 10 tools are broken out into four categories:

  • Learning

  • UX/UI Design

  • Prototyping

  • Development

01 | Udacity Courses

If you’re new to Power Apps, Udacity offers a ton of great courses and there’s a free Power Apps course available to help start your Power Apps journey.

02 | Dribbble

Get design inspiration from some of the top designers around the world. You can set up a profile and save designs you like and even showcase your design work.

03 | Microsoft Fluent Design System

Microsoft apps like SharePoint, Planner, and Teams use the Fluent UI Design System. While Power Apps allows you to design your app any way you want, following the Fluent UI design system will make your apps fit within the design of the suite of Microsoft apps.

04 | Color Tool

The Materials Color Tool helps you play with color pallets and even lets you check that your theme meets accessibility standards. The tool also gives you a mockup of your colors to get an idea of how they look on an app.

05 | Figma

Figma is a browser-based UX design tool that allows you to easily create wireframes, prototypes, design presentations, and much more. There’s even a Power Apps tool kit you can use to import your Figma app prototype into Power Apps with Express Design.

06 | Mockaroo Data Generator

When you need placeholder data in your Power Apps, Mockaroo allows you to generate data easily and can be exported in multiple formats.

07 | Canvas Apps Coding Standard & Guidelines

This Microsoft guide for Canvas apps is a great resource to ensure you’re building a great, organized app with optimized performance.

08 | Power Platform Creator Kit

Microsoft’s Power Platform Creator Kit has all sorts of amazing reusable components and apps that help you design and build your apps.

09 | HTML Editor

When you need to use the HTML control in Power Apps to display data/info, especially if you’re creating a print screen or formatting data to send an email, this tool makes it easy to create what you need and easily export the code.

10 | Loading Spinners

Loading spinners are important in your Power Apps, so users know when action is in process. You can use the standard built-in loading spinner or up your design with a ton of downloaded options from that even allow you to enter your specific colors.

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