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10 Minutes With: RedCloud Recruiters

This month we’re giving a warm welcome to Sr. Recruiter Jordan Shaw and Recruiter Lindsay Hornsby - two new members of the RedCloud recruiting team tasked with finding the region’s top talent to help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges!  Jordan joins our team with more than 15 years of experience in Recruiting across varying industries, and Lindsay with 5+ years of experience focused on account and business development. We are honored to have their talents join our recruiting team and we can’t wait to see who they bring to the RedCloud roster in the coming months!


Briefly describe your role and how long you've been at RedCloud.

JS: I’m a Senior Recruiter and I joined RedCloud in September of 2021 with a focus on finding and connecting with technical consultants in the fields of data analysis, business solutions and intelligence.

LH: I’m a recruiter on RedCloud’s corporate team and I also in September of 2021, the same week as Jordan! Initially I’m focusing on uncovering the best talent to serve as project/program managers, marketing experts, and related skills that can apply to a wide range of our client projects. 


What was it like to join RedCloud (onboarding process)?

JS: Onboarding was smooth...everyone on the team has been extremely generous in helping explain the nuances of RedCloud’s approach, tools and technology.

LH: The process was efficient! I interviewed with the Managing Partners over a few days, and within a week I had a job. There was an hour with the firm’s head of HR on my first day, plenty of training on the RedCloud processes, and tons of support since!

Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud? 

JS: RedCloud is a true boutique management consulting firm working primarily locally. I’ve worked for large international consulting firms and local staffing companies masquerading as consulting firms. RedCloud is the real deal and has excellent consultant satisfaction which is huge when selling a new prospective candidate.

LH: RedCloud’s professionalism stands out to me - differentiating employee from consultant. So far, I enjoy working collaboratively as opposed to owning a request to completion. On our team, having five recruiters all work on a role gives us a better chance of getting a variety of candidates. We each have different contacts and do different searches so we will get a broader selection of candidates for our clients.

What originally drew you to RedCloud?

JS: Their great reputation as an industry-leading local boutique consulting firm.

LH: Different industries, services, and candidates. It is going to be a challenge, and a huge opportunity for me, as my experience in recruiting has been different from my current focus at RedCloud, but I’m up for the challenge and feel well supported!


Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

JS: I see myself continuing to take on more responsibilities and grow within the team; for example, propose new recruiting tools for sourcing and email campaigns. 

LH: In the future of RedCloud we are… Kicking (you know what)!


Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why? 

JS: My wireless mouse! Using the touchpad is so slow and cumbersome. 

LH: Home heating systems… It’s cold up here in the PNW!

What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud?

JS: More consultant placements and gaining momentum to help our clients succeed!

LH: I look forward to getting people on projects and the continued growth of our teams.

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