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10 Minutes With: Account Manager Kelly Hallissey

Updated: Mar 18

We sat down with Kelly Hallissey now that she’s settled into her new role at RedCloud. During this year of growth, we were lucky to bring Kelly onto our team when we acquired Denny Mountain Media in January. While Kelly joined us during a busy transition, her experience was anything but chaotic. Read on to learn more about Kelly, where she sees her future at RedCloud, and what piece of technology she can’t live without (we can all relate!). We’re grateful to have you on our team, Kelly! 


Briefly describe your role and how long you've been at RedCloud

I’m an Account Manager primarily focused on content, marketing, and design roles at Microsoft. I’ve been with RedCloud for four months.

What was it like to join RedCloud (onboarding process)?

I was onboarded to RC during an acquisition which was a crazy time for the RedCloud management and HR / Operation’s team.  With a quick turn and many balls in the air, onboarding could have been chaotic, but instead, it was completely seamless, and I felt both prioritized and welcomed. Brett Alston’s communication throughout the process was both human and professional and always sprinkled with humor.

Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud?

Everyone I’ve encountered at RedCloud is professional, kind, smart, works with humor, and is always looking for ways to connect, encourage and collaborate.

What originally drew you to (stay with) RedCloud?

Brett Alston. Initially, when hearing news of the acquisition from my former employer, I was both excited and apprehensive. Brett was immediately welcoming, responsive, and personable. Exactly what I needed to feel the leap was safe.

Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

I see a bright future for RedCloud; we’re innovative, proactive, have experienced tremendous growth in a short period and most importantly, the founders are invested in both the success of the company and its employees.

Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

Sadly, my iPhone. While in many cases, it’s an appendage, it also provides access to watch my nephew grow from afar, video calls with my parents, and access to a ‘mobile’ office for times of life/work balance.

What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud?

Learning more about RedCloud’s offerings, growing the business, and fostering relationships with colleagues, new employees, and clients.

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