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Lunch and Learn Recap: Delivery Excellence

Recently, RedCloud’s Client Engagement Director Scott Ekman and Delivery Excellence Practice Lead Chris Syberg hosted an engaging "Lunch and Learn" session for our team focusing on our rapidly evolving Delivery Excellence (DE) practice. Team members at RedCloud HQ joined in person, and numerous of our consultants from across the country joined via Teams to learn more about recent advancements within the DE practice, as well as some updates on related new and growing client projects. 

As outlined by Scott and Chris, at RedCloud, we view Delivery Excellence as an investment in our people and processes, ensuring customers get real value from RedCloud. Our hybrid business + technical approach to project management leads to improved project outcomes, better collaboration among team members, and more successful projects overall. 

Through this approach, DE offers our clients some key advantages to bring projects and programs to life, including rapid Time to Value, Solving the Right Problems through holistic understanding and effective problem solving, differentiating between “activities” vs. “impact” to improve our Ability to Execute and taking a deliberate and incremental approach to drive Program Management Maturity

Also, importantly, the presentation demonstrated how DE is not a rigid set of steps we take in a “one size fits all” fashion—rather, it is a flexible platform of Project/Program Management best practices, standards, and enablement tools to ensure we are delivering the right solutions to the right problems. By leveraging our expertise and resources in this area, we help clients drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage in today's dynamic business landscape.

Another big THANKS to Scott and Chris for sharing their expertise and inspiring our team to leverage these resources across all of our Practices. We look forward to the next opportunity in 2024 for our team to share and learn from each other. 

Learn more about our Delivery Excellence Practice here and contact Scott and Chris to hear more about career opportunities and client solutions. 

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