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Empowering Young Minds: 3rd Annual Toys for Kids Scholarship

The holidays are fast approaching and year-end client projects are getting ready for that final push. This time of year also gets us excited about another annual tradition in our work with the young people of our communities. As part of our ongoing work to empower local kids with access to education and technology, we partner with Toys for Kids - an outstanding local organization who helps children of all socioeconomic backgrounds be better prepared for school and life.

Giving back is a core value at RedCloud, staying front and center even when our lives and schedules turn upside down. As we grow, as we navigate the pandemic, as we adapt to working from home more, giving back grows ever important. It’s up to each one of us to extend a helping hand when we can, whether the gesture be big or small.

This year in particular, RedCloud’s Brett Alston and Rick Rizz from Toys for Kids were so thrilled to be able to recently surprise winner Ana H. with the 3rd Annual Dave “Hendu” Henderson Educational Scholarship Presented by RedCloud Consulting, at her front door step, big check and all! Ana’s scholarship essay was so inspiring, providing some grounding insights we can all benefit from in these challenging times:

  • ​”Knowledge is a gift. Not because it’s meant to be something out of privilege, but because one can find it anywhere.”

  • ”Who would I be to end my education if I have the ability to take it even further? I hold this close to my heart. I go to class. I smile.”

Ana plans to pursue playwright studies. This scholarship will help with the cost of technology, books, travel and more as she takes a big step in her life.​

“Ana is an amazingly humble, yet accomplished young person,” said Brett Alston. “She is clearly a driven and high achieving individual who I have no doubt will go on to do amazing things in life. Talking with Ana provided all of us a great deal of inspiration for the future.”

For more from behind the scenes at Toys for Kids and to see the surprise, check out the video below.

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