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Create a Power App in 10 Minutes with Copilot

Updated: Mar 18

This year (October 2023), Copilot in Power Apps became generally available for app makers. In this blog, I’m going to walk you through how to create a Canvas Power Apps and Dataverse table in 10 minutes, with Copilot.

Power Apps + Copilot

​Imagine having a trusted partner by your side as you embark on your app creation journey. Copilot in Power Apps is just that—a reliable AI companion that walks you through the entire process, from data table creation to app screen design, and finally, app publishing and sharing. It's like having a personal assistant that uses advanced AI and industry best practices to provide tailored guidance based on your unique data and preferences.

But that's not all. Copilot doesn't just show you the way; it offers valuable tips and feedback to help you enhance your app-building skills.

Step 1 | Creating the Dataverse Table

In this scenario, we’re going to create a task tracking app. Using Copilot, we'll do the following:

  • In the prompt, we're going to enter "task tracking app"

  • ​Once the table is generated, we'll use Copilot to add a "notes" column by typing in "add a column for notes". Then hit send. ​

Step 2 | Create the Canvas Power App

  • Once your table has been created, click Create App

  • Once the app is created, you'll have a responsive canvas app connected to the new Dataverse table with a gallery allowing you to select a record and see the form for that record on the right.

Step 3 | Use Copilot to Make Edits

  • Next we'll use Copilot to change the icon colors. You can select a specific icon and then in the Copilot chat, type in "Change the selected icon to red".

  • And just like that, Copilot updates the icon color for us. See this Copilot guide on current supported prompts: Editing Apps with Copilot

Step 4 | Change the theme with Modern Controls

  • To use modern controls and themes, click settings.

  • Then click Upcoming Features and check the box for Modern Controls and Themes

  • Now you can easily change the theme for your apps as well as use any of the new modern controls.

Step 5 | Save & Publish!

From here, click Save and then click Publish! Your app is now ready to go.

This is just the start of Copilot for Power Apps and there's plenty of amazing features coming to the platform in the future. We'll keep you posted on the latest Copilot updates and how to best use AI to improve productivity for app makers!

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