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Celebrating our friend Rick Rizzs: 425 Citizen of the Year

Congratulations, Rick! Toys for Kids Founder and dear friend of RedCloud Rick Rizzs was recently named the 425 Citizen of the Year, a well-deserved honor! All of us at RedCloud send a HUGE round of applause for all he’s done to support children in our community and, specifically, the partnership and opportunity he’s afforded us to make an impact by his side.

Along with his dear friend, the late Seattle Mariner Dave Henderson, Rick founded Toys for Kids 26 years ago with a simple mission:

“We do it for the kids in need, and it feels good to put a little smile on their faces. Toys for Kids is not just a toy; it represents hope that somebody cares about them and their moms.”

For the past five years, RedCloud has partnered with Rick and TfK to not only make holiday wishes come true but also support students in need with scholarships and extra boosts during the pandemic. Most recently, we pledged a year of support to Solid Ground’s Broadview Shelter, one of TfK’s key community partners. We can’t thank Rick enough for his leadership and for pulling us into his circle of supporters.

Rick’s a model for stewarding in his community, even when times are busy being the Seattle Mariners broadcaster. He always keeps those in need at the top of his mind, and over the years, his nonprofit has grown to serve thousands of area families, most recently with a virtual auction for COVID-19 support, raising over $300,000. As the homeless population grows in the Seattle area, his plans to support those in need will only expand, and we look forward to seeing what he creates next.

“Rick is a shining light in the Seattle community. There is no more genuine person than Rick. His leadership and actions continue to inspire us to do more and give back more to ensure children and families facing hard times get the boost—big or small—they need to move forward in life,” said Brett Alston, Managing Partner of RedCloud and Toys for Kids board member.

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