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Automating Workforce Management and Scheduling

RedCloud’s client sought experts in workforce optimization to improve forecasting and scheduling of a global team of customer support engineers.


An organization with a global customer support team sought consulting support for workforce management (WFM) assessment, tool integration, BI and analytics, forecasting, pattern analysis, and custom application development.

​The ultimate goal of the project was to deliver timely, effective support for the client’s enterprise customers by using qualified engineers in the right place at the right time.

"RedCloud has been instrumental in helping us understand what is possible and the advantages and pitfalls of different WFM approaches, guiding us to success."
-- Client Representative


The client faced forecasting and scheduling challenges due to a global customer base and a dispersed set of support engineers with varied language abilities. RedCloud identified a need to build tools and processes to sustain and optimize the WFM lifecycle.

RedCloud assessed that the solution would need to move from regional-specific forecasting to a more global approach based on availability and expertise. Supporting this new strategy, RedCloud improved the integration and performance of a third-party WFM tool to automatically leverage key sets of data, housing engineer schedules that map back to team managers across regions of the world.

Utilizing the leading third-party tool and the client’s own operational BI platform, RedCloud created a custom automated data integration tool to increase situational awareness, which enabled streamlined scheduling. Leveraging the back-end technology architecture, RedCloud also developed a set of clear rules and processes around engineer scheduling to allow for greater automation and self-service.


Enabling a more efficient and automated workforce management system and improved quality of service, RedCloud provided the client with extensive savings in operating costs, while fostering a more consistent customer support experience to thousands of customers around the world.

​These tools have delivered better business visibility, via new real-time performance dashboards, leading to improved decision-making capabilities and an ultimate reduction in MPI, due to fewer service ticket transfers.

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