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10 Minutes With: RedCloud Veterans

Updated: Mar 18

This month, we’re looking back at where we came from and where we’re headed as a team at RedCloud. Rather than hearing it from us, we sat down with a few of our consultants who’ve been a part of the RedCloud team from our early days. What better way to understand our history and our future than by hearing from our veteran team members? Read on to find out what Courtney Sunderji, Scott Ekman, and Scott Morton are most proud of since joining RedCloud, where they see the firm in 10 years, and more!


Tell us how long you've been at RedCloud, your roles, and current projects/passions at the firm? 

CS: I’ve been an Account Manager at RedCloud for a little over 3 ½ years. Time flies! I’m currently working with Microsoft, Premera, and most recently signed a new client, Intel.

SE: I’m coming up on 7 years and was part of this initial rebranding of the firm, opening doors with new clients, and supporting the development of what we call a “high touch” consultant environment.  I’ve been a Client Engagement Director since joining RedCloud, working with clients, consultants, building capabilities, and making sure we stay true to our brand. My greatest passion inside RedCloud is being a part of building teams and strategies for clients that overachieve on goals.

SM: I celebrated 4 years at RedCloud in April. My role has been an Account Director although I have also been contracted as a Marketing and Reporting Project Manager as well the Customer Success Manager of an outsourced managed service.

What improvement or change at RedCloud has made the biggest impact throughout the years? 

CS: I think our focus on diversifying within a Seattle market dominated by a few large tech companies has really paid off! There is so much more than just the big tech giants, and having a wide range of clients gives our consultants the best opportunity to be successful. It’s rewarding to see seasoned consultants rekindle a passion for their work by exploring new terrains. We’ve also had a lot of success with our practice areas which really sets us apart from other firms – it would be great to see us expand the number of practice areas we have.

SE: Moving into a larger and open office space that accommodates not just the HQ staff but also encourages consultants and teams to come in and collaborate with one another.  There is a “buzz” in the office, an energy that makes you want to come in and be a part of it!

SM: The continued improvements to recruiting and the ability to identify a candidate, connect, vet, and submit them to clients in a speedy yet thorough process have had the biggest impact on me.

How has diversity (of all kinds) in RedCloud staff grown and where would you like to see it grow? 

CS: We’ve diversified in terms of clients, types of roles, and our reach into new groups. The number of consultants and clients we have is higher than it’s ever been and I’d like to see us continue on that trajectory!

SE: We’ve always embraced diversity as evident by the people we hire and organizations we support.

SM: I have seen RedCloud become more diverse within the Account Team as well as with the group of consultants I manage. I would love to see the leadership team become more diverse as the firm grows.

Where do you see RedCloud in another 10 years as a firm? 

CS: Growing, growing, growing! I see RedCloud remaining a top firm in the area and really expanding in all facets. Staying true to our core values as a company and doing what we do best – bringing together talent and opportunity.

SE: We are growing responsibly, mindful of maturing operations and consultant offerings (i.e. stronger practice areas and internal learning opportunities).  I see a larger and more mature version of today.  The key will be to maintain the “start-up” feel and mentality in the way we treat one another, engage with leadership daily, try new things, and have fun.

SM: Assuming the industry or region is not impacted by some unforeseen events, I see RedCloud having been established as a leader in professional staffing and consulting and that more firms adopt the RC style of managing our staff and working with clients.

What is the role of RedCloud's community program in the firm today - and/or any community highlights from your time here you can tell us about? 

CS: To me, RedCloud is community. We have an amazing community of consultants, all of which offer a helping hand whether that be networking opportunities, training, or sharing tribal knowledge. We are also very involved in our outside community. My favorite community engagement to date had to have been our involvement with Broadview. Being able to see our support impact a family’s life is hard to beat.

SE: Covid has certainly made community involvement more challenging but we have continued to make a difference.  I’m particularly excited to get back into the classrooms with Junior Achievement. It’s so rewarding to work with kids through the introduction of business concepts at such a young age and see them engage and be excited to learn more.

SM: RedCloud supports the intersection of students, business, and education at all levels. Junior Achievement for Primary Students, DECA for Secondary Students, and Foster School of Business for Postsecondary Students. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer my time across all three programs and have always been impressed by the impact it has had on the students I’ve interacted with.

What are you most proud of since joining RedCloud? 

CS: The reputation we have in the field. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from both clients and consultants, which means we’re doing something right. I’m proud to work for a company that truly wants what’s best for those we do business with.  

SE: I’m proud to see (and be a part of) diversifying our client base.  Many niche consulting firms are working with and dependent upon a single enterprise client, and we’ve been successful at working with over 25 different large and small companies over the years.  It offers variety for our consultants, allows us to gain different business perspectives across various verticals, and enables broader brand recognition.

SM: I am most proud of my work in securing a managed service agreement with Microsoft and successfully implementing it during the early stages of the pandemic. 

What is one thing that your past self would never have imagined your 2022 self would see, experience, or own?

SE: Empty streets and beaches in Hawaii for months.  It was quite surreal.  At the same time, it afforded us an opportunity to venture to new places, hikes, and hidden beaches, as well as tighten the family bond!

SM: How quickly the business world adjusted to the hybrid work model of 2022. I never would have imagined being able to attend meetings virtually in a way that makes me feel a part of the meeting rather than an outsider or presenter.

What is the most exciting work or project you’ve been a part of at RedCloud?

SE: There are lots of projects to talk about but above that, just being able to work so closely with our managing partners Brett Clifton and Brett Alston and to gain valuable knowledge into how they both succeed in business and in life. 

SM: The most exciting time at RedCloud was when I contracted with Microsoft to do Sales Campaign Management as well as a Field Sales Community Manager. I had the opportunity to work with sellers and strategists to optimize their campaigns and provide them with actionable insights on their customers.

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