April New Hires

Q2 Recruiting Booms with Impressive Cadre of Professionals

While our day-to-day routines are anything but normal, RedCloud’s business is marching along successfully. Our teams are connected virtually, and our clients are receiving the same top-notch service we always pride ourselves on. We love recognizing and welcoming each new face that joins us, so let’s give a round of applause to these newest and highly adaptive employees. If you’re interested yourself in pursuing a position with our team, we welcome you to get in touch.


  • RJ Coop, Senior Technical Recruiter – RJ will bring much needed help recruiting on the technical roles for RedCloud as they diversify their portfolio of partner companies. RJ brings 13+ years of diverse experience working within the industry.
  • Rose Custer, Producer/Project Manager – Rose will act as a central unit to streamline common global marketing processes and data infrastructure to ensure “One Voice” communications. She is a versatile and disciplined professional experienced in film, video, and digital media production and project management.
  • Kelsey (Monson) Dillon, Project Manager – Kelsey brings many years of professional experience managing projects and content, including four years as a producer on Microsoft’s Modern Workplace – an Emmy-nominated web series for Office 365.
  • Michael Ernst, Senior Consultant – Michael will create high quality marketing content for his client. He brings more than 15 years of experience working with both large and small brands to build and improve processes in areas of project management and production.
  • Anne Fogarty, Event Program Manager – Anne is consulting in Azure Active Directory hosting customer events worldwide. Anne brings many years of professional event planning experience from companies like Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon.
  • Jasmine Ines, Senior Consultant – Jasmine brings 10+ years of diverse experience working most recently at Starbucks Coffee Company and has the proven ability to be an approachable communicator and influencer.
  • Kelly Lambson, Video Producer/PM – Kelly brings 25 years of experience in television and corporate video production. Over his career he’s worked for a number of other large production studios in the area.
  • David Liew, Consulting Intern – David will be supporting the company through a multitude of tasks and projects. David has engaged with consulting organizations before at the University of Washington. However, this will be his first time working in the professional services industry. Through his on-campus engagements, David has developed skills applicable to market analysis, client communication, and innovative problem solving.
  • David Nguyen, Digital Asset Management – David has more than 15 years of experience supporting, designing, and deploying Digital Asset Management systems and processes across a wide array of industries. He is an experienced Program Manager supporting marketing and creative solutions across a diverse number of industries.
  • Allison Reese, Project Manager – Allison is back! The role? Rockstar PM. Seriously, that’s what the client offered by way of job description at the time of the interview. She’s four weeks into the role and her gamble paid off. It’s an awesome role with a close-knit team, primarily comprised of strong, smart women.
  • Veronique Serruya, Senior Consultant – Veronique will be consulting as a Business Program Manager, ensuring that marketing campaign strategies are executed and reported on as planned. She brings 20+ years of program/project management, marketing, communications experience to her role and an absolute ray of sunshine to the firm!
  • Leanne Toth, Senior Program Manager – Leanne brings 12+ years of Operations Program Management experience at Microsoft and has worked within Customer Services and Support, Marketing, and Engineering organizations.
  • Troy Zielonka, Project Manager – Troy will be serving as the PMO to help accountability and drive deliverables to completion. He brings 6+ years of project management experience working with and at Microsoft. His background is primarily in running learning and development programs.


We’re thrilled to welcome this latest cadre of professionals to the team. We look forward to celebrating success with them all – virtually or in person and (hopefully) our annual RedCloud BBQ!å