A Day in the Life: Scott Morton, Account Director

Meet Scott Morton, Account Director at RedCloud. In a new series we’ve kicked off in 2020, we’re highlighting those daily rituals that get our amazing team up and going, through the day, and racing towards the finish line. Scott is a favorite of consultant and client alike, so it makes him a great first feature in this fun series! Thanks Scott!

What time does your alarm go off? Or do you even need one?

My 1970’s era AM/FM digital alarm clock that I have used since I was 9 years old goes off when it hits 7am. That means it goes off at 6:50 since I set my clock 10 minutes fast. Most days I don’t need an alarm clock and wake up by (the real) 7am.

Alarm Clock

My 1970’s era AM/FM digital alarm clock









Do you have any special pre-work routines to get in your mindset for the day?

My morning routine is fairly consistent…wake up, listen to Sports Radio/Podcasts while going through my morning routine of getting ready for work.

What is your go-to coffee drink?

Iced, Grande, Skinny Mocha with sugar free vanilla. I either make it at home with my Nespresso or order one from Starbucks if I’m low on ingredients.

Favorite podcasts or commute inspiration?

Mix of Sports Radio (KJR and KIRO), Sports Podcasts (Mitch Unfiltered, Husky Headlines) and Music (XM Radio).

What is your workday looking like (meetings, calls, time at your desk, out to lunch, etc.)

The most consistent type of day I have goes like this: time at my desk answering emails, touching base with co-workers, a meeting and/or interview or two in the office, out to lunch, head to Microsoft campus for client/consultant meetings, answer more emails, IM on Teams, get things done.

Favorite workday snack or mid-day pick me up? (ex: taking a walk, eating a snack, etc.)

Don’t really have one, but a cup of coffee is always welcome.

Which RedCloud team members do you interact with most and why?

As a team, it’s definitely Recruiting. When I’m not managing engagements with clients and consultants, I’m discovering new opportunities and Recruiting is front and center with finding the best candidates for these new openings.

What is the first thing you do after work? What does your evening look like?

I typically turn the TV on to catch a sporting event or Rachel Maddow. In the Summer, I’ll get outside in the evenings but come Winter, my nights involve a lot of Netflix and Chill.

What do you typically eat for dinner?

Meals for one.

Do you do anything work-related at night, or are you unplugged?

I will typically check my emails in real-time throughout the night and respond to those needing immediate attention. Otherwise, I prefer to unplug. 

What are your hobbies in the evenings (sports, reading, crafts, kids activities, etc.)

Evening hobbies will often involve watching sports, the occasional video game, cooking or maybe catching a comedy show or musical act.

What time does your head hit the pillow (in and ideal world)? 

Usually after 12:30am but before 1:00am.