Kunji Sedo headshot

10 Minutes with Kunji Sedo: RedCloud Account Development Manager

Meet Kunji, one of our newest RedCloud team members. In her new role, she is developing new business and discovering new opportunities for RedCloud in the sectors around IT and data – without a doubt hot topics here in our region.  Kunji brings more than 15 years of diverse experience from corporate environments, including talent acquisition and development, and as a paralegal helping foreign companies navigate the U.S. immigration system. She also has direct experience in the finance space after obtaining her CPA license in Washington state. Now at RedCloud, her high energy and engaging personality has helped her make a successful career transition to the consulting industry. 

Kunji’s knowledge of the industry combined with a can-do attitude brings professionalism to her work, while maintaining a personal touch, all in keeping with RedCloud’s vision of integrity and transparency. 

On the personal side, Kunji enjoys hiking, yoga and cross-country skiing. This year she intends to master the handstand. We had a chance to hear all about Kunji’s first impressions of RedCloud and more about what she’s excited about for the future:


RC: Briefly describe your new role and what you’re looking forward to about it?

KS: I joined RedCloud as an Account Development Manager which was a new position created for me.  During the hiring process, and later, after I joined, I was able to see for myself, RedCloud takes the time to meet and work with candidates and new employees, assessing their strengths and talents so they can find the right fit. I am looking forward to sharing RedCloud with more business leaders in the area and contributing to their growth and my growth along the way. 


RC: What was it like to join RedCloud (onboarding process)? 

KS: My very first contact was Shawna who scheduled me for a 30 minute phone interview. The phone conversation became almost one hour. She really took her time answering all my questions about RedCloud, and the culture, making sure it was truly the right fit for me. The whole onboarding process was seamless. The RedCloud office manager, Emily, impressed me with the thorough preparation. My business cards were ordered, laptop was ready, all the logins I needed to hit the ground running were provided on my first day at RedCloud. 


RC: What was your first week like?

KS: I got to meet the RedCloud corporate staff and learned what our company does, and does well – management consulting. I also saw how we do some things differently from other consulting firms. We are always prepared to out-work and out-think the other guys. On the last day of the first week, I shared with my manager Brett Alston that I felt I could have accomplished more, and he said that if I can figure out where the bathroom and kitchen are on the first week, then it is a success. 🙂  


RC: What is something new that you’re looking forward to doing at RedCloud? 

KS: I have learned the quality of services and professionalism of RedCloud is definitely an industry leader. I am truly looking forward to being an ambassador as we continue to expand our presence in the PNW. 


RC: What drew you to RedCloud?

KS: Before I applied to RedCloud I did my due diligence by checking out Glassdoor. I was impressed that a consistent message was being shared by employees and consultants. It was no brainer. I had to apply. I encourage anyone who is considering multiple roles at different consulting companies to check out the Glassdoor reviews. 


RC: Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

KS: Our industry is undergoing change. In the future, we will make even better use of technology. RedCloud is one of the fastest growing consulting firms and I have no doubt that it will continue.


RC: Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

KS: Audible – I am very protective of my time and the nature of my job requires lots of driving time. Audible turns my car into a classroom.


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