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Volunteering with Junior Achievement “BizTown” to Teach Real World Skills

Volunteers from RedCloud recently spent a day with 5th graders from Foothills Elementary School in Junior Achievement BizTown, the final part of the Junior Achievement program. In the simulated town, students can connect what they learned in class about work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy to real life scenarios.

The student assigned the CEO role at BizTown Bank said, “I was a bit nervous taking on such a huge responsibility…I enjoy being a leader, so this has been a great experience for me. The most important thing I have learned today is that when managing others, you must be respectful and help out your employees when needed.” (This was printed in Biz Town’s Business Journal).

At Q13 in BizTown, the kids learned what it was like to work at a TV station. They were given realistic job descriptions, titles, and pay. The kids broadcasted commercials and locals news with the help of Brett C, Kelly, and Brett A.

“JA BizTown is a full-on micro economy, with each young student performing a job with commensurate responsibilities and pay.  And it’s brought to life in 3D with physical offices, retail shops and restaurants.  In short, JA BizTown is the closest thing I’ve seen to experiential learning for middle school aged kids.  The kids absolutely love it!  The energy is electric and the kids are truly productive throughout the day and the lessons they learn are real.  Bringing our RedCloud team to volunteer and support these kids in this truly amazing day was as much an honor as it was a total blast!” – Brett Clifton, Managing Partner, RedCloud

RedCloud at Q13


At the Business Journal, Kunji and Mel helped the kids as they created a newspaper. All the kids took their jobs very seriously, so much so that the “Ad Executive” was reluctant to take a break. After printing the final product, the team enthusiastically sold their newspapers all over BizTown.

 “I loved how serious the kid were about their jobs, their reactions to being “grownups” for a day were priceless! JA Biz Town is such a great way to give kids a glimpse of what parent’s do everyday and helps emphasize the importance of education and financial responsibility”   – Melinda N., RedCloud



The photographer and reporter worked together, interviewing students for a news story.

JA Biz Town Reporters