Impact Awards

Mentorship, Awards, and Undergrad Consulting Training

While our daily work focuses us on solving the most pressing business and tech challenges of today, Community is at the heart of RedCloud as a company. We’re proud to provide a variety of ways for our team to be involved with events, fundraising, and hands-on volunteering, and we’re constantly seeking out opportunities to support the young people of our region – our region’s most important asset. 

One ongoing community effort is our work with the University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business – a school we have supported for numerous years in perfect alignment with our broader community mission around youth and education. We’re excited to continue this partnership in 2020, with a few new twists that we see as adding a huge value add to the program and its students, while providing a unique opportunity for our consultants to share their deep expertise with the next generation. 

Three years ago our Managing Partner Brett Clifton joined the advisory board of the Foster School’s Consulting and Business Development Center (CBDC), which takes business education out of the classroom and puts it to work in communities across Washington as MBA and undergrad students provide valuable business consulting to small businesses and non-profit organizations in underserved communities. 

Brett Clifton

Building on Brett’s initial interest and work with the CBDC, our support of the Foster School has grown to include judging the organization’s annual Consulting Challenge, and a deeper integration with our team’s involvement with the school’s Consulting Class where we have met with teams of students to provide key client interaction tips like holding meetings, asking appropriate questions, implementing marketing strategies and tools, analyzing finances and communication challenges.

To wrap up 2019, our team was honored to participate in the recently held Impact Awards event. For the third year, RedCloud showed our support for this important event recognizing business, civic, and student leaders who are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in business. This year’s special event focused on highlighting the 25 most influential people in the 25 year history of the awards – those who have made a substantial impact in growing businesses and jobs in underserved communities in Washington.

Impact Awards

As we look forward to our 2020 program with the CBDC, we’re excited about some new changes. The Consulting Challenge will be combined with the Consulting Program and will be rebranded as the Foster Consulting Program. Students will now be working on 6-8 week consulting projects for 4 clients during each quarter of the academic year (fall, winter, spring).  This will allow the school to work with as many as 65 students and 12 companies each year. Training sessions will still take place at the start of each quarter to prepare students, and with great reviews from RedCloud’s involvement in last year’s training, we’re excited to join in again to help prepare the groups for this much needed real life experience.