RedCloud Video Series: Meet the Team

Meet the Team Videos

RedCloud Video Series: Meet the Team

At RedCloud, it’s no secret that our recipe for success is in large part due to the unique team we’ve built. Comprised of a wide range of backgrounds, decades of professional experience, and plenty of interesting hobbies, our team is a fascinating and accomplished set of individuals that ensure our success.

Recently in a relaxed walk-and-talk session held outdoors, we got to know several team members more personally. You’ll love their stories and will feel like you’re right there with them taking a break outside the office.

Head to the newest page on our website the browse through our all-new, behind the scenes video interviews with a few of our RedCloud teammates.

Meet Scott Morton and discover where he spent his month-long sabbatical after picking the destinations at random:

Meet Courtney Sunderji, RedCloud Account Manager and survivor of a Costa Rican killer bee swarm!

Meet Scott Ekman and learn how his previous career scored him the chance to meet the legendary rockers Journey:

Meet Kelly Lynch, Recruiter and aunt to an astounding number of nieces and nephews:

Meet RedCloud Managing Partner Brett Clifton and learn more about what took him to the villages of Nicaragua:

Meet John Schmid, the world’s biggest Detroit Lions fan and aspiring Aquaman:

Meet RedCloud Managing Partner Brett Alston to hear about his adventures in sailing and soccer: