Fall 2019 Town Hall

RedCloud Bands Together: October Town Hall Recap

As the end of 2019 already upon us all, it was time to reconvene our team of consultants for a workshop to share best practices, new strategies, and firm-wide updates we call our regular “Town Halls”. One of RedCloud’s driving forces is transparency, so it’s top of mind for us to check in and update each employee on company health and outlooks – both near and far term outlook. Our consulting teams, corporate staff and interns love our Town Halls as they are the best opportunity to connect with peers, meet new faces on the team, celebrate recent wins, and update each other on projects and business opportunities.

During this latest Town Hall, our team broke into small groups for an icebreaker to learn the most interesting/surprising facts about each team’s client. The highlights? It turns out, one of our clients is a Canadian popstar outside of the office! Another client is a competitive ballroom dancer, another a death metal drummer. RedCloud veteran Benny shared a memorable story about a client with a warehouse full of single shoes from around that world that he matches and then sells. These fun tidbits grow us closer to our clients and help break down walls for a closer working relationship.

Moving into the core content of this professional development session, the team had breakout sessions on client technology challenges, new processes and app updates, manual reporting processes, and project success metrics.

During the project showcases, Benny (Federal Government), George (Healthcare), and Scott (High Tech) provided crisp and informative overviews of these unique projects across government, healthcare, and high tech.  We thank them for their hard work and their time in recapping their recent project happenings!

Reflecting on our gathering makes us feel grateful, proud, and excited for all that lies ahead at RedCloud in 2020. Our Town Halls have become RedCloud tradition and we look forward to these opportunities to connect, share, and celebrate our collective success.