Lunch and Learn Recap: Power Apps – Best Practices in Dynamics 365/Portals Implementation

At RedCloud, a core approach to our work is a belief that we as professionals can always be improving, just as the technology and systems we help clients implement continually evolve. This learning happens on the individual level with our self-driven consultants, but even more so peer to peer – as many of our team members face similar project challenges and successes. To help advance this firm-wide goal, we host a regular “Lunch and Learn” series for consultants to share recent learnings and discoveries from their client work. This type of professional development across industries and teams makes us all stronger, naturally finding tools and techniques that can be used in a variety of client settings.

At our latest Lunch and Learn a few weeks, Jason Dodson and Alice Haynes provided a detailed review of a recent project in which RedCloud led a Dynamics 365/Portals implementation. This dynamic duo introduced Microsoft’s Power Platform, an integrated application platform Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow that enables greater customization of D365, O365 and many other applications. In addition, they discussed the intricacies of how our teams have recently helped our clients build PowerApps to extend their business capabilities, or improve existing applications for increased productivity.

The hour kicked off with Jason’s introduction, as he explained in depth about how a customer service privacy team implemented D365 to collect privacy review requests, process cases, and manage all of the details of case reviews in one tool. He also provided an overview of how D365 simplified the case workflow, collected privacy reviews, and empowered the team by interconnecting Power Apps and a Power BI report. This connection allowed real-time data with a quick overview and visuals of privacy cases. Consumer privacy is a critical issue for any business at the moment, so the importance and applicability of this project resonated across the Lunch and Learn audience.

After Jason’s presentation, Alice took the stage to provide some in-depth experience to supporting the entire business community’s massive transition to the Cloud. Alice said, “The old world was ‘let’s build it in SharePoint’ to see how we can make it work, and the new world is ‘let’s use the cloud tools that are available’ and standardize process procedures, workflows, reporting and it’s all in one place with one process.” She presented how PowerApps, reports, Power BI dashboards, and other multiple cloud products can be easily integrated within Microsoft Teams. Having an all-in-one package with Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI with Azure puts our clients ahead of the game with increased productivity and efficiency.

Our Lunch and Learn’s are self-driven professional development, so we deeply thank Jason and Alice for their time spent preparing their slides and for bringing us through these extensive topics of discussion in their areas of expertise. Their explanations and willingness to answer our questions helps us all grow stronger. We can’t wait for the next Lunch and Learn!