RedCloud Growth

Four Years Strong: RedCloud Back on Inc. 5000

For the fourth straight year, RedCloud was proudly named to the list of America’s fastest-growing private companies by the esteemed Inc. Magazine this month as part of the annual Inc. 5000. We are particularly proud of this year’s designation as “fastest growing”, as these type of high-growth awards are typically full of start-up companies (with those steep growth curves we’ve all seen). With an average 3-year growth rate of more than 550% since our first inclusion on the Inc. 5000, we continue to high traction of our approach to consulting based on integrity and transparency. 

But rapid growth only gets us so far….we just as proud of the culture we’ve continued to build and the people that have joined us to help our clients succeed and our community thrive. Over the past year, we’ve filled a new office with bright minds and rounded out our teams with expertise in many industries like cyber security, human resources, healthcare, data analysis, business systems and more. The decades of experience and refined expertise stacks higher and higher with every passing quarter, and our collaborative and transparent environment is keeping everyone open, honest and most importantly – happy to be here. 

The particularity with which we’ve grown to find the brightest talent with the right personality for our team is something we remained focused on versus the speed at which it’s all happening. Teamwork dominates our priority list, and sitting back to have some fun together is as important to us as going after the next client challenge with a measurable solution.

Growth is expected in an industry like ours, with demand highly increasing and existing needs expanding, but we’re most proud of the environment we’ve grown – one that is marked by personality traits and team dedicated to client success. To grow is one challenge, but to remain true to who we are with the same values and groundwork we started in 1995 is another challenge in itself that many companies lose sight of when the work is plentiful and the new hires are flooding in.

With the rest of 2019 to look forward to, and in planning for 2020 we can tell you we have more exciting plans in place and slowing down is not one of them. Congratulations again to the others on this prestigious list, and many kudos to all the companies out there near and far with their heads down working hard to pursue their passions.