Second Half of 2019 Continues with Team Expansion

Expanding the depth and breadth of our team has been a major focus of 2019 for RedCloud as we enter new industries and broaden work within our existing clients. As summer officially winds down we’re proud to introduce the latest cadre of new additions to our RedCloud team. 

Our new team members bring decades of valuable experience in areas like change management, software development, healthcare and insurance IT, and CRM systems to improve customer service. Their backgrounds are impressive and span from those with decades of experience in the workforce to a recent high school graduate with a National Honor Society designation. We extend our warmest welcome to these new, talented team members of RedCloud.

Crystal Ashcraft

Crystal Ashcroft, Senior Consultant

Crystal is working with customer advocacy programs, bringing 7+ years of experience working as a consultant in the technology space. She is a persuasive communicator, strategic project manager and relationship-builder.

Mallory Ekman

Mallory Ekman, Office Administrator

As a summer intern at RedCloud HQ, Mallory is looking to gain experience in the business world and brings energy to the office and loves the opportunity to learn. She graduated from Redmond High School this year as a well-rounded and involved student.

Cambie Ferguson

Cambie Ferguson, Senior Consultant

Cambie brings with her nearly 13 years of global marketing and business experience and is adept at collaborating across geographies with diverse constituents at all levels. She’ll be focused on developing marketing campaigns and resources for apps and SMB teams.

Valerie Hamry

Val Hamry, Senior Consultant

Val adds more than 25 years of experience working in software development with a specialty in the insurance industry. With RedCloud she is focused on improving the day-to-day experience for customer service by implementing a CRM to improve agent-customer interactions.

Meenu Kallar

Meenu Kallar, Senior Consultant

Meenu brings 15+ diverse experience working within the financial and healthcare worlds who has the proven ability to be a persuasive communicator and a thoughtful leader. She is consulting within the healthcare industry, utilizing her CRM expertise to transition and transform from a business technology model to a data-centric one. 

Eric Melchior

Eric Melchior, Senior Consultant

Eric brings diverse experience partnering with IT teams in retail, manufacturing, government and healthcare when developing employee engagement plans and sponsorship road maps. Eric brings a practical approach to change management, aligning software deployment plans with the company culture so that engagement activities resonate with the employees.