Eric Ewing

10 Minutes with Eric Ewing: RedCloud Senior Consultant

A new member to the RedCloud team, Eric Ewing brings more than 20 years of diverse technology experience and a proven ability to be a persuasive communicator and thoughtful leader. Most recently coming from a director role at Adobe, Eric sees himself a catalyst for impact with his proven experience delivering creative solutions to tough business challenges. His strengths lie within the marketing and communications areas, with experience as a Marketing leader at Microsoft who created new models for engaging customers in brand-building and demand generating experiences. Eric has strong skills in both the art and science of marketing and is passionate about being part of a collaborative environment, making him a perfect fit for RedCloud.

We recently sat down with Eric to hear more about his background and first impressions with as a member of our team:


RC: Briefly describe your role and how long you’ve been at RedCloud.

EE: I joined RedCloud just over a month ago when I was thinking about “what’s next” and a recruiter contacted me with a great opportunity that mapped exactly the vision I had for an ideal next step.  I’m currently helping a Product Marketing team at a large multinational tech company to develop a new approach to drive adoption and usage of one of their flagship SAAS offerings. While I’m creating a strategic plan I will also be a key contributor in the delivery, implementation, and evolution of the plan.


RC: What was it like to join RedCloud?

EE: Joining RedCloud was really easy. The onboarding team clearly has a process in place and I felt like I was joining a well organized and supportive team. I’m new to the world of consulting and appreciated the clear communication about the steps required to get set up on internal and client systems. The support from RedCloud was thorough, but never felt heavy handed. It was just the right amount of handholding to get me on my way.


RC: Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud? 

EE: I’ve been a senior leader in tech for many years and what I have found in RedCloud is an organization that has opportunities readily available for me to fully utilize my skills and talents. As I look at the team of consultants I’ve joined, I see a strong bench of really smart people, several of whom I’ve worked in the past. While I’m operating very independently on a daily basis I enjoy knowing that I’m part of a team of experts who have done some pretty amazing things.


RC: What originally drew you to RedCloud?

EE: I met with several consulting organizations and what stood out for me about RedCloud was the balance of personal independence and freedom with the support of Recruiting and Account teams to back me up. I’m confident that there’s a pipeline of interesting opportunities available to me when I’m ready for them. I also see that the RedCloud team is invested in building long term client relationships and that we strive to be a trusted strategic advisors to our clients. This healthy mix of short term opportunity and long term perspective really stood out. I also was impressed that RedCloud is active in giving back to the community.


RC: Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

EE: I believe that the future of consulting is about agility and “speed to impact.”  When I think of old models for consulting I think of long engagements that lead to deep and sometimes complex recommendations that required a heavy dose of change management to implement over a long period of time.  The clients I work with today expect their partners to bring expertise to the table that can help them move quickly. Sometimes this means developing a phased approach that can be executed immediately in tandem with the building of a longer term strategic and change management plan. I think that RedCloud has the opportunity to set itself apart by building strong customer relationships based on the delivery of immediate value while also bringing the expertise and right-sized methodology to help clients move forward and become even more successful over time.


RC: Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

EE: Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the backbone of all my collaboration. Working with distributed teams and spending more time away from the office myself I have found that Teams makes staying connected to others and co-creating really easy.


RC: What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud?

EE: As a new member of the RedCloud team I’m looking forward to participating in the many learning, community, and social activities that will give me an opportunity to connect with my colleagues at RedCloud. I’m also looking forward to engaging in really interesting work and driving impact with my client!

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