Regional Snapshot: Opportunities Abound for Consultants in the PNW Economy

For many industries across the greater Seattle metro area, today’s economy is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Yes, we’ve seen hot, booming markets before – but given the overall growth of Seattle’s economy in the last decade, a hot market now is seemingly larger than previous ones. Our region’s anchor multinational corporations are some of the most valuable, productive, and innovative in the world; spawning opportunities for many companies ranging from service providers to startups. Construction booms as it is attempting to keep pace with the region’s appetite for professional and residential space, and the tourism industry is reaching all new heights as Seattle becomes a more popular destination for vacationers and professional conferences. These, of course, are just a few of the industries that are positively impacted by the ongoing regional growth.


In our consulting industry we are seeing similar growth opportunities as companies of all sizes, scopes, and industries are seeking smart, efficient, and tech driven solutions to help them compete in the very economy described above. In fact,  over the last three months, RedCloud has added more consultants than ever before. While we attribute our ability to scale to our unconditional dedication to integrity, transparency, and our mature business operations, we can’t ignore that we are in the right place at the right time. Even as Seattle’s idyllic summer arrives, we expect our growth to continue as demand from our clients across healthcare, technology, financial services, cyber security, and other trending industries come to us with additional project opportunities. We have an ongoing need to find and on-board savvy consulting professionals with a unique blend of technical and business acumen to help our clients succeed.


But we can’t talk about our growing team without recognizing that this “new normal” economy, driven primarily by Seattle’s spot as one of the top hubs for engineering talent, is bringing new faces to the world of consulting. In the past, our team has been made up of highly experienced business management professionals, able to mold their skill sets to help clients address challenges, pulling in more technical resources as needed.


But in today’s market, we’re seeing traditional “tech jobs” come to every sector, including consulting. No longer must developers simply work at a tech company – their skills (and the resulting innovations and systems) are needed in nearly every corner of the economy to keep up with the pace of change demanded in today’s business environment. At RedCloud we are welcoming this new cadre of engineering talent with open arms to our team, hiring experienced developers to work hand in hand with our strategy experts to produce a new level of success for our clients.


As this “new normal” moves towards just “normal,” we’ll continue to invest in team members with technical skills necessary to meet the needs of today’s clients, along with those management specialists we’ve always attracted. While times are fast and furious right now, we can’t wait to see what is next and leverage this foundation of new skills and team members we’re building.