Jason Dodson

10 Minutes with Jason Dodson: RedCloud Senior Associate

Joining our team earlier this year, Jason Dodson has already proved his value to RedCloud as a Senior Consulting Associate. He came to us with an impressive background of consulting for large Fortune 500 including Molson Coors and T-Mobile, as well as regional consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest. Holding a CPA, he has a strong foundation in finance and business analysis that he calls on when problem solving for his customers. Jason is a strong leader and an excellent collaborator – and we can’t wait to see what his current projects bring for our clients and team. We had a few moments to sit down and chat with Jason about his experience so far at RedCloud and hear what he’s looking forward to the most.


RC: Briefly describe your role and how long you’ve been at RedCloud?

JD: I joined RedCloud in early 2019 and am leading a project at a large multinational tech company transforming their data privacy review program in Marketing from a manual, labor intensive activity to an automated and integrated workflow process. You often read news headlines about your personal data being stolen or compromised by hackers infiltrating large multinational companies. You put your trust in those companies to manage and share your personal data with privacy and care…now your trust is eroded. Companies that manage the protection and security of your personal data as a strategic imperative, will experience greater innovation and success. As such, our RedCloud team is excited to help multinational companies build privacy programs, team and tools to ensure they are protecting the persona data you share with them.

RC: What was it like to join RedCloud?

JD: Joining RedCloud was a simple, efficient, and welcoming process.  Computer, email and O365 access were easy and effortlessly delivered with a casual approach.  Emily – our onboarding specialist – is warm and friendly with a touch of wonderful quirkiness. I was impressed that she got a quirky movie reference I shared. The time entry and payroll reporting systems are easy, fast, and intuitive – making me more productive with my client.

RC: Given your background and other experiences, what stands out to you with RedCloud?

JD: Two things stand out to me most – firstly, the support and freedom to drive impact rapidly. Within a month of being with my client, I was given the opportunity to create and deliver a client proposal for additional project work with a six-figure revenue potential. Another element I am impressed by is the outstanding account management support. I can’t say enough about my account director, Scott. He is supportive, calm, down-to-earth and is a great partner to his team and the client.

RC: What originally drew you to RedCloud?

JD: I had the good fortune to meet and get to know Managing Partner Brett Alston and his family through our kids’ schools and Girl Scout events. I also joined a workout group last year that Brett is part of. Seeing Brett’s passion and leadership in those contexts led me to RedCloud when I found myself reentering the workforce in 2019.

RC: Where do you see the future of consulting or the future of RedCloud?

JD: I believe consulting has become a commoditized resource as the gig economy has shifted how we work and our notions of who we work for.  Companies have somewhat moved away from strategic relationships with large consulting firms providing general consulting services towards smaller, nimble consulting firms with specific expertise.   I believe RedCloud has a great opportunity to build strategic relationships with companies and provide specific high-demand expertise, in a nimble way, to many companies throughout the Northwest.

RC: Name one piece of technology you couldn’t live without and why?

JD: I am very interested in applications of distributed ledger technology (aka blockchain).  We’ve seen lots of headlines about the large swings in market values for crypto-currencies which are based on blockchain technology.  While I think crypto-currency will be transformative, I believe the application of distributed ledger technology to the real estate industry, food manufacturing, and consumer goods logistics will be equally transformative.  Within the real estate industry, buyers and sellers pay for title insurance and other fees that could be eliminated if we can shift the “trust model” to a highly dependable and trustworthy distributed ledger technology.

RC: What are you looking forward to the most this year with RedCloud?

JD: I look forward to the opportunity to deliver new process and systems to improve the effectiveness of my client’s privacy review program.  I am also looking forward to meeting and working with many others within the RedCloud team.

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