Serving Lunch & Opportunity at Tyee High School

Recently we had a unique opportunity to extend our community support project with the students at Tyee High School in nearby SeaTac, Washington. In late 2018 we partnered with Toys For Kids to provide one high school senior with a scholarship to ensure a bright future for her, and inspire those students around her to achieve more. Building on that initial partnership with the school, our team came up with a fun and helpful idea of “paying it forward” with some of extra the holiday gifts we ordered for our clients this past holiday season.

Because we’re so proud of the ongoing support we offer to local area youth programs, this year we provided our clients with retro lunchboxes to bring these efforts to life and inspire them to find their own way to give back. Well, these lunch boxes were a hit with our clients, so we filled the extras with fruits and other healthy goodies and hand delivered them to Tyee to ensure kids in need of a little extra boost got some solid brain food.

We believe every little bit of support matters, so we are always looking for creative ways to give back to Tyee and other youth programs. This small program hopefully provided not only a tasty snack for some kids, but more support in the bigger picture. We want these students to know they have the whole RedCloud team behind them, pouring in resources as we can to give them the best opportunity for success.